Manlio Santanelli presents The fate of irony

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Antonio De Rosa and Edizioni MEA, in collaboration with AvanpostoNumeroZero, present the volume of Manlio Santanelli, The fate of ironyFriday September 16, 2022 at 18.00, at the Casa Glo Multipurpose Center (via Francesco Petrarca, 50).

It is the first issue of the editorial series entirely dedicated to the contemporary theater Linea Rossa edited by Antonio De Rosa.

The book:

Santanelli’s volume consists of three unpublished texts:

– In the monologue “Loneliness must be escapedA professor of art history confesses to being the author of an act of vandalism, albeit involuntary, during a visit to the Etruscan museum.

– “A question of desire”Is a one-off with two spouses as protagonists struggling with a suitor who craves desire.

– In the two acts “A game of patience”The contents of a drawer become the protagonist of a paradoxical story that sees Miss Ketty overwhelmed by a thousand prejudices.

“The writing of the texts presented under the title“ Sorte dell’ironia ”- says Santanelli – fully responds to those principles that are the basis of my writing in general. Having said that, and given that I do not believe in the existence of a single writing, which underlies the entire work of a writer, but of as many writings as there are works of the same, I go on to say that, in my opinion, writing of a playwright (and therefore mine too) sinks its roots in that interiority from which the main stimuli of life originate. “


During the evening the other collaborations and adhesions to the editorial series involving Antonio Sinagra, Francesco Saponaro, and the next releases of the red line will also be revealed with: Egidio Carbone Lucifero, Fortunato Calvino, Carmine Borrino, Roberto Del Gaudio, Igor Esposito, Roberto Azzurro -Paolo Coletta.

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To underline the birth, which will be announced during the evening, another line of the publishing house: the Linea Azzurra, again curated by Antonio De Rosa and entirely dedicated to contemporary theater of subtle irony and intelligence.

The cover designs are by the artist Alberto Letizia.

Ilaria Saitta

Author: Ilaria Saitta

Graduated in Modern Languages ​​and Cultures for International Communication and Cooperation, she deals with event organization and writes about cinema, theater and music.

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