“Passions, fears, hopes”, the latest book by Luciano Landoni at the Nuova Terra di Legnano

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Wednesday 21 September, at 9 pm, at the Nuova Terra bookshop in Legnano, vThe new book by Luciano Landoni entitled: “Passions, fears, hopes” – La Memoria del Mondo Libreria Editrice, pp. 268, € 16.
The author is an economic journalist who in recent years has written numerous texts devoted mainly to the problems of small and medium-sized industries in Northern Italy.
This time, however, Luciano Landoni ventured into a different literary genre: a kind of anthology of editorials that he published from May 2021 to May 2022.

What is the reason for this choice?
“I wanted to resume, selecting them with care, my passions, fears and hopes over a very particular and critical period of time. The same ones that I felt in my heart and in my mind following the big and small events that marked 12 turbulent, chaotic, critical, unpredictable months “.

So, anything and everything?
“That’s right: economy, customs, sport, geo-politics, culture, cinema, television and much more: a real zibaldone (I apologize and forgive Giacomo Leopardi in advance) within which there are food for thought, provocations, very decisive positions, at times, clearly polemics, irony, at times, explicitly corrosive, doubts, forecasts, hopes, fears and many passions. Starting with one of the most ‘ardent’ ones for me: Inter! ”.

Give us a valid reason to justify reading your book.
“Well, first of all because I wrote it. Seriously, the articles I have selected are the result of careful analysis and scrupulous research, updated from time to time, and I have the presumption to believe that they can represent a sort of map through which to try to orient yourself inside the labyrinth in we live in, fully aware of the fact that ‘We act as if there is a way out. But we still don’t know where it is (copyright Norberto Bobbio). Comparing my passions, fears, hopes with those of readers could be useful in trying to identify that famous ‘way out’. For me it certainly will be. I will for sure prove it again during the presentation on 21 September at the Nuova Terra bookshop in Legnano, starting at 9 pm. I am waiting for my loyal ones… 24 readers and many others ”.

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The article is in Italian

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