Campania books, the reading and listening festival kicks off

Campania books, the reading and listening festival kicks off
Campania books, the reading and listening festival kicks off
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Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk, Cristina Cassar Scalia, Cristina Comencini, Alberto Conejero, Maurizio De Giovanni, Diego De Silva, Hernan Diaz, Anja Kampmann, Hanif Khureishi, Jhumpa Lahiri, Livia Manera Sanbuy, Dacia Maraini, Hisham Matar, Silvio Perrella, Alessandro Piperno, Veronica Raimo, Maria Stepanova, Manuel Vilas and many others. The new Campania Libri-Festival of reading and listening, dedicated to the memory of Raffaele La Capria (3 evenings will be dedicated to him with dramatized readings of his texts) is deploying a formation from the Champions League of Literature. More than 160 events with free admission by reservation, including presentations of editorial news, meetings with artists, conferences, performance workshops, targeted lessons and unpublished thematic itineraries, scheduled in Naples from 29 September to 2 October in the spaces of the Royal Palace and the Library National.

Financed by the Campania Region, the review, which is organized by the Campania Festival of Festivals, chaired by Alessandro Barbano and directed by Ruggero Cappuccio and the Guida alla Cultura Foundation chaired by Diego Guida. The editorial care of the new event was entrusted to the philosopher and university professor Massimo Adinolfi. A choice that takes on an important significance, testifying to the natural multidisciplinarity of culture and Campania Libri in particular. A Festival whose theme is “the exercise of listening and reading to which the book invites us” and the present and future ways of using, re-proposing and paying attention to the book object. To “listen or listen, address what deserves or catches attention, exercise sensitivity and respect, but also look for the rhythm of life itself and the breath of the word in the sounds, voices, noises”, as he writes in the Manifesto Adinolfi himself was programmatic.

Four thematic areas, characterized, in Kieslowski style, by as many colors: yellow, green, red and blue, to listen to the voices of the world, the buzz of nature, who goes and who stays, the words of the other. To write a new chapter together, as per the unequivocal slogan. To try to create valuable collaborations in a country that is often unable to work as a team.

Like the one with the Elsa Morante Spin Off Prize, whose program has already been announced and which has an exceptional godmother like Dacia Maraini, and then with the Naples Prize, the Cimitile Prize and the Serao Prize, but also together with some of the main foreign cultural institutes (the Goethe-Institut Neapel, the Instituto Cervantes de Nápoles, the Institut Français de Naples), the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid and Multipli Forti-Voices from contemporary Italian fiction, an initiative directed by Marida Gaeta, promoted by the Institute of Culture of New York and created with the Fuis, the Unitary Italian Writers Federation. No less significant is the patronage with the Cur, the regional inter-university committee, made up of the 7 rectors of Campania universities, the president of the regional council or his delegate and some student representatives, and the agreement with the European Researchers’ Night. , event organized in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II. And speaking of night, the collaboration with the review “A book under the stars”, a literary journey aboard the Acquarius ferry from Salerno to Procida in which the Campania Festival Foundation took part, should also be mentioned. And by the way, instead, in Salerno, an extraordinary synergy is born with another Festival in the Campania region: the Salerno Literature Festival, with which the reading project in schools will be created by the Duna di Sale Association. four.

The same Foundation then signed two memoranda of understanding: one, lasting three years, with Giffoni Experience, in which 50 young people from Sixteen Modi di Dire Ciao will be hosted at the Campania Libri Festival; the other, with the School Reference Association, collaborating with the Department of Education and Social Policies and with the Regional School Office to develop a series of initiatives that will involve many students, teachers and school managers in the Campania region.

A significant collaboration, for a Festival that pays particular attention to environmental sustainability issues, is the one with Legambiente, which will be present with a workshop on climate change and with the presentation of Alessandro Gassmann’s book “I and GreenHeroes ”.

There will be initiatives dedicated to social issues. Starting from “A window on the book”, a project that will involve three prisons in Campania: Penitentiary Institute for Minors of Airola (BN), women’s prison in Pozzuoli, prison in Naples Poggioreale. A special mention, by virtue of its uniqueness, must then be made for the prestigious patronage of the World Congress of Philosophy, which will take place in Rome in 2024.

At the Campania Libri Festival, an event that the Campania Foundation of Festivals organizes with the contribution of the Guida alla Cultura Foundation, there will be 90 publishers, from Campania and nationally, also with their own exhibition space: an appointment strongly desired by the Campania Region with the aim to enhance the commitment and work of local and national publishers. Visitors will follow an itinerant path among the 70 stands, arranged between the different spaces of the Royal Palace of Naples and its monumental gardens.

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Twenty-eight workshops, which will be held in 5 rooms of the Royal Palace (Guarracino space, Sibilla space, Colapesce space, Sirena space, Virgilio space) and in 3 of the Vittorio Emanuele III National Library of Naples (Rari room, Reading room and Fireplace room ) in the Stand Area-Accademia di Belle Arti, at the Politeama theater, will enrich the Festival with interactivity and possibilities. The detailed list is available on the website, where it is possible to book to participate since last Friday.

Thirty book crossing stations have been installed in the Naples Metro stations in the stops of Piazza Garibaldi, Piscinola, Montesanto, Torregaveta, Sorrento, Aversa with 350 volumes donated by the Italian Publishers Association, while some traveling bookstores will be around the city .

Media-partner of the Campania Libri Festival will be the Rai Tgr, which will have a special stand dedicated to its literary column “Il Leggilibri”.

A preview of the Festival with Zerocalcare, which is already sold out, is scheduled for 19 September at 7 pm at the Politeama theater.

All events are free, upon reservation on the website. The reservation is considered forfeited at the time of the start of the booked event.

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