Widespread cultural festival kicks off with unpublished text Cavazzoni – Libri

Widespread cultural festival kicks off with unpublished text Cavazzoni – Libri
Widespread cultural festival kicks off with unpublished text Cavazzoni – Libri
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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 14 SEPT – The ‘Future’ is the theme of the 2022 edition of ‘Mens-A’, a festival of widespread culture in Emilia-Romagna between human sciences, philosophy and history, scheduled in Bologna on 16 and 17 September with international scholars confronted in meetings, recitals, round tables with free admission. Opening on Friday (8.30 pm) at the Oratorio San Filippo Neri with the writer Ermanno Cavazzoni, who dedicated an unpublished text to the ‘Future’, commissioned by the Festival, which will be previewed.

The author will be accompanied by Mirco Mariani, leader of the band of ‘Punk da balera’, Extraliscio and by the singer of the group Baby Moira: with this appointment an unprecedented collaboration between the writer loved by Fellini and the group is born.

The themes of the meeting and cultural exchange are at the center of the festival, scheduled until 14 October, which winds through the Emilia-Romagna universities through a series of dialogues that aim to bring the human figure back to the center of the debate. At the center of this edition is the ‘Future’, whose definition – explains the artistic director Beatrice Balsamo – “passes through the vision of a finally central role of culture. Knowledge as an opportunity for sharing, for overcoming intolerances, for dialogue between men and society. Every idea of ​​the future starts with a ‘tradere’. In this way knowing the future of yesterday can help us think about the future of tomorrow. Something to be built ceaselessly through the common and supportive action of a multiplicity of subjects that produce not so much an ‘added value’, but rather a continuously augmented reality “.

Widespread culture, intelligent tourism, pluralism, exaltation of the artistic heritage are topics that ‘Mens-A’ will discuss thanks to the contributions of personalities of different backgrounds: among others, Maurizio Ferraris, Salvatore Natoli, Lucio Caracciolo, Massimo Montanari, Umberto Curi, Massimo Donà, Alessandro Vanoli. (HANDLE).


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