tonight on TV “Il thief of snacks” in a restored version

tonight on TV “Il thief of snacks” in a restored version
tonight on TV “Il thief of snacks” in a restored version
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Commissioner Montalbano returns to TV in a restored edition in stunning 4K resolution that gives the film vividness of colors and images. The replica on Rai 1 opens with the very first episode of the series: The Snack Thiefwhich first aired on May 6, 1999.

More than twenty years have passed since then, but the legendary Commissioner created by the pen of Andrea Camilleri he has not yet finished his climb to success.

Tonight September 14, 2022 Montalbano returns in prime time on Rai 1, more vivid than ever, in a new guise but with an old story inspired by the successful novel by Andrea Camilleri which launched the character.

The first 4 episodes of the series, taken from the novels by Camilleri “The thief of snacks”, “The voice of the violin”, “The shape of water” and “The terracotta dog”, will be broadcast starting from 14 September every Tuesday in the restored Ultra HD version.

Let’s find out plot, cast And advances of this first episode that marks a great comeback.

Commissioner Montalbano: the plot of the first episode

The quiet Sicilian town of Vigata is shaken by tragic events. Commissioner Montalbano finds himself dealing with three different cases which nevertheless appear to be intertwined. Is there really a connection between the death of a Tunisian sailor, the murder of a businessman and a thief of meredine?

To convince the Commissioner is the testimony of an elementary school teacher Clementina Vasile Cozzo, opposite of Mr. Lapecora, now confined to a wheelchair.

His testimony will prove to be fundamental for the investigation and his saving human presence for Montalbano, who as a child lost his mother and now seeks that maternal protection in his life.

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Commissioner Montalbano: the cast of the first episode

The direction of The Snack Thief and of Alberto Sironi. In the cast of this first episode we find Luca Zingarettiflanked by Katharina Böhm, Guia Jelo, Cesare Bocci, Renato Scarpa, Biagio Pelligra, Gigliola Raja, Pietro Biondi, Ubaldo Lo Presti, Roberto Nobile, Marcello Perracchio, Davide Lo Verde, Peppino Mazzotta, Angelo Russo, Francesco Stella and many others.

The snacks thief: the book by Andrea Camilleri

The Snack Thief it was published by Sellerio in 1996 and was the author’s third mystery dedicated to the character of Salvo Montalbano.

Camilleri’s narration focuses on three thrillers that are revealed to be connected to each other: the death of a Tunisian embarked on a motor trawler from Mazara del Vallo, the murder of Mr. Lapecora who is stabbed inside the elevator of the house and a theft of snacks. .

The investigations turn out to be very complicated, but fortunately Montalbano is supported by the commissioner Burlando with whom he has a deep affinity. The case is closely tied to the personal and private affairs of the Commissioner. Precisely this psychological fact is incisive in Camilleri’s narration which shows us the vulnerability of its protagonist.

The human gaze that the author adopts in observing his characters involves the reader, provoking in him the transport necessary not to abandon the book until the end of the reading.

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