In Popoli closes “The bookseller at night”, the bookshop open until midnight that animated the historic center

In Popoli closes “The bookseller at night”, the bookshop open until midnight that animated the historic center
In Popoli closes “The bookseller at night”, the bookshop open until midnight that animated the historic center
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Peoples loses a garrison of culture in the historic center. In fact, since 6 September, the bookshop has closed its doors “Bookseller at Night“, as announced by the owner himself Paolo Fiorucci. The business, opened in 2018, was well known in the village and in the area also for having proposed an unusual opening hours: in fact, the bookshop was only open during the evening hours, from 9pm to midnight and on some occasions in the afternoon.

Fiorucci, a 38-year-old lover of poetry and former hotel porter, had opened the bookshop and his difficult bet of being able to obtain a good response from customers and enthusiasts in the historic center had been won. “Il Libraio di Notte”, in fact, had become a point of reference that attracted enthusiasts from all over Abruzzo and beyond, attracted by the possibility of being able to read and buy books, have a chat and exchange opinions even late in the evening, in contrast with the current reading market that has now been literally colonized by online sales by the great giants of the web with the famous ebooks and digital books.

Already in August, the 38-year-old on social media had announced its intention to close its doors:

“I had begun the adventure, now more than four years ago, with a photo of me in front of the bookstore and as a caption a phrase from George Harrison:” in life you can become whatever you want. “I close this circle, before one reopens other, always quoting my favorite Beatle: “all things must go on. A lot of things have changed from 2018 to today, in the world, in the bookstore and in me. And those who know me well will not be surprised at all by the news, because my shop in the historic center, like me, has never stood still, but has hosted a continuous theater of transformation, sometimes imperceptible. But when the change in things is minimal, we don’t notice it. We should be more careful, take more care, and don’t forget what we consider value. At the entrance of the Langella bookshop in Naples there is an inscription that says: “Small bookshops and shops must be taken care of when they are open, not commemorated when they close”.

Immediately after the announcement, hundreds of messages of solidarity reached Fiorucci from customers and citizens of Popoli, who crowded his bookshop to buy the latest volumes for sale, showing a solidarity that moved but also partially embittered the owner himself. :


“In the last twenty days, from the announcement of cessation of activity onwards, I have taken a precious freedom, increasingly rare these days: the freedom of silence. And together with that freedom, I have taken all the affection of those who accompanied this adventure from the beginning to today, of who really was in the life of the shop and in my life, because Il Libraio di Notte for me was never just a shop, but for four years it coincided with my existence . I lived the bookshop with the same commitment that it takes to live, and to think back to the numerous visits of these weeks, to the shining eyes of customers who are now friends, to the hugs, to the aperitifs and to the “you will miss a lot”, it seems that some seeds of this mad bookseller, more poet than merchant, has sprouted into bloom. Is there anything that matters more than this? I say no. “

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Fiorucci, however, has made it known that the cultural activities and initiatives launched with “Il Libraio di Notte” will continue, and perhaps one day he could return to selling books in some other form than on the web:

“Il Libraio di Notte continues, because the events continue, the Borgo del Libro project continues, the online sale continues thanks to the opening of a bibliographic study, my frontier bookseller’s diary continues on the social pages and, who knows, for how long it concerns a bookshop, quoting Califano, I do not exclude the return. Maybe in a form that is more similar to my work in the last two years, traveling in the hinterland countries, with a means that if necessary also becomes a bookshop “.

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