books are sold more and more used –

books are sold more and more used –
books are sold more and more used –
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The return to the school routine begins with the search for books. Trade is growing this year due to higher costs

From the ads on Instagram to the market organized at the school entrance: students are fighting expensive books by focusing on second-hand items. And for the kids it is important that the environment also benefits. The stacks of books are photographed on the spine with the title and subject clearly visible. “I sell at half price” reads the stories Instagram shared on the profiles of student collectives.

On the other hand, there are those who directly publish the list of requested texts complete with an IBSN identification code. The return to the school routine begins with the search for books. The first exchanges take place in private, by contacting each other on Whatsapp. In some schools, instead, the more traditional and physical market has been opted for. This is the case of the Nomentano high school, where a dozen boys have been organizing the exchange of used texts for ten years. “We want to help families, especially this year with the increases in bills – explains Flavia Filippi, 17, fourth year student -. We have a large number of comrades who come from popular neighborhoods. Besides, it is really a waste to buy a new book identical to the old one with only the order of the exercises changed ». In agreement with the head teacher, the entrance to the complex in via della Bufalotta it has been transformed into an organized warehouse complete with a counter used as a welcome point. It works like this: friends and parents bring used books, the kids catalog them and sell them at half price. For each book sold, the team retains 1 euro which goes into a collective cash fund. “We also had a website created by a former partner, but now it has become obsolete,” says the group “cashier” Linda Saltabanchi, 17. “This year we are renewing it and from next year it will be operational,” she specifies. The revenues, says 17-year-old David Colautti, “we will use them to buy megaphones and banners for events, but also for leaflets or to invite some important personalities to school”.

And in the student market we talk about the next appointment in the square: the Friday for future scheduled for the end of September. Satisfied, the clientele comes out with trolleys full of books: “I have two children, buying all the texts means spending 600 euros and for a family it is really a lot”, comments Eleonora Giaccaglia. The same goes for Teresa Pisani: “I discovered the market from other parents, it’s a good initiative to promote”.

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