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Gemonio – Artists become writers. The words become lines and colors while the pages, material on which the narration of the contents is expressed through the imagination and research of each author.

It is an exhibition dedicated to these works, the artist’s books, the one that the Bodini Museum inaugurates today (10 September, at 4.30 pm) in the spaces of via Marsala. The exhibition aligns the works of twenty-two contemporary authors who, through their works, interact with the spaces and the collection, underlining the importance, within the Museum, of a cultural heritage such as that of the Bodini library. A collection that today has over 5000 volumes, born from the passion and research of the Master himself and by his will donated to the Museum alongside the collection of paintings, sculptures and graphics by him and other artists.

Among the works on display, the works of: Adalberto Borioli, Giannetto Bravi, Claudia Canavesi, Loretta Cappanera, Margherita Cavallo, Fernanda Fedi, Gretel Fehr, Mavi Ferrando, Simonetta Ferrante, Roberto Gianinetti, Gino Gini, Anna Lambardi, Annalisa Mitrano, Lucio Perna , Tiziana Priori, Evelina Schatz, Filippo Soddu, Stefano Soddu, Antonio Sormani, Yuko Tsukamoto, PULCINOELEFANTE Editions by Alberto Casiraghy, Practical Editions of the Yaje by Paolo Cabrini.

“The openness to new exhibition proposals – specifies Lara Treppiede, director of the Museum – allows on the one hand the knowledge of the Museum to an increasing number of people, on the other hand, to deepen the art of Bodini himself and retrace his passions and the culture. This exhibition also aims to be an opportunity for dialogue with another important cultural reality of Gemonio, such as the Civic Library which, as part of the project, will host a meeting dedicated to the theme of the artist’s book “.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Sunday 18 September (from 15) at the Civic Library a meeting dedicated to artist’s books is proposed and to follow, around 16.30, at the Museum there will be a themed workshop, for adults and children (from 6 years) with free participation, led by the artist and curator Antonella Prota Giurleo.

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These particular works recall the concept of the book, often in form but with profound difference. Generally these are unique pieces. Sheets of cardboard and paper assembled in the most varied techniques, glued together, cut superimposed on other materials, colors, drawings, words, phrases and threads … The workshop includes three moments: theoretical information (what is an artist’s book and how the various categories are defined), visions of images from artist’s books and concrete presentation of examples on display, individual creation of an artist’s book.

The exhibition will be open until 2 October at the following times: Saturday and Sunday 10.30-12.30 / 15-18. (admission 3/5 €). Info and registration: [email protected] – ​​3397596939


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