Kader Abdolah, in Iran there is the worst regime ever – Books – The interview

Kader Abdolah, in Iran there is the worst regime ever – Books – The interview
Kader Abdolah, in Iran there is the worst regime ever – Books – The interview
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MANTOVA – The Iranian writer Kader Abdolah, 67, persecuted by the shah’s regime and then by that of Khomeini, a political refugee in the Netherlands since 1988, wants to return home to his roots. A deep desire that can be found in ‘The Pharaoh of Holland’, just released for Iperborea, with which he is at the Mantua Literature Festival which will end on 11 September.
A novel in which “everything goes back to where it came from” that Abdolah wanted had nothing to do with his story and instead is the closest to the writer who will not really be able to return to Iran. “There are no conditions. Absolutely I cannot go back and I could not write to Iran. Even if they didn’t put me in prison I would be in a forced prison” says Abdolah with his huge mustache.
The author of ‘Cuneiform script’, with which he conquered the international audience and of ‘La casa della moschea’, with which he won the Grinzane Cavour Award in 2009, also thinks of his friend Salman Rushdie, one month after the attack who has suffered. “I’m sorry. Sometimes I think if I were him I would like to be killed. He is a friend and I understand his pain. We have the same enemy, but he has written his books. Now he has lost an eye, they have broken him in the body and he will respond. with even more beautiful books. If I were Rushdie and someone wanted to kill me I’d say ‘that’s fine. Complete your murder. Because Rushdie can’t be Rushdie any more than he already is. I wish him a very long life “says Abdolah who would be delighted if Jafar Panahi, the Iranian director currently in prison, wins the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival with ‘Bears don’t exist’. “This victory would be great because he was banned from making films and he had the courage to make them with his cell phone. It is important to give him more attention than ever, not only because he is a good director but because of the political pressure he is undergoing” he stresses. .
“Some time ago I saw the first film of his son Panah Pnahi and I realized that he is doing everything in his power to escape the country. He is shouting and calling for freedom and asking to be himself. The Iranian regime in this. moment is the worst of all times and you can’t be yourself, “he says.
The most important lesson in resistance comes from “the resilience of women: they cannot work, have a professional life, yet as much as possible they try to go to university just for the pleasure of studying: 75% of universities are populated by Iranian women. Right now they represent the most significant enemy of the Ayatollah who would like to lock them up in the house, cover them with the chador, but they don’t fit, they fight for their freedom. They have to be completely covered, but they discover each other as soon as they can. It’s a beautiful thing, I miss them a lot, I love them all “underlines the writer who looks with great interest at the new generations and at TikTok which is” at times it is looked upon with contempt but it is the most significant means of communication to represent freedom because anyone can speak “.
In ‘The Pharaoh of Holland’ we find an increasingly forgetful Dutch Egyptologist who hides an ancient and priceless sarcophagus with the mummy of Queen Merneith which he takes care of with his friend Abdolkarim, son of a restorer of ancient books in Cairo who wishes go home and bring Queen Merneith back to Egypt. “There are millions of people who come to Europe in search of work, a house, bread to eat, but everyone wants to go home, to their roots. I too am getting old and thinking about what I have done in my life. Was it right to flee and change the language I wrote correct? Was it right to let my father die without being present. I am a little writer, a thousand years before me Homer wrote the Odyssey. After becoming a hero, Ulysses wanted to go home . My mother, who is the same age as Queen Elizabeth was, does not want to die before I go home. With writing I will be able to tell about my return to Iran and say goodbye to my mother. Literature is the only way “, says the writer who is writing a new novel about just that.


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