the jump in autumn prices that slows down consumption

the jump in autumn prices that slows down consumption
the jump in autumn prices that slows down consumption
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Before i three-digit price increases for flights abroad, the travel of the gas that does not stop, the dear-holidays who did not spare even the boarding houses or the evening at the pizzeria. Then the imminent resumption of school with its obligatory costs and the prospect of the major ones energy consumption in the next months. L’inflation skyrocketing after making the Italians’ summer hot now threatens to heavily affect autumn. And to negatively affect the choices and expenses of families, canceling the recovery in consumption that characterized the first part of the year. In particular, the energy increases, combined with the scarcity of some raw materials, risk having heavy effects on supermarket shelves (the alarm on milk is in these hours). While on the school front, in addition to books, the increases will concern all the necessary products from notebooks to markers.

Expensive prices, 150% increase in bills, two thousand arcades at risk of closure: 10 thousand seats in the balance

FOOD. Record-breaking seed oil, with butter and eggs

If the record of the increase belongs to the prices of seed oil (+ 63%) due to the difficulties of importing from Ukraine, the expensive energy is unloaded on the shopping cart with increases ranging from 34% for butter to 15% for eggs. This is what emerges from the Coldiretti study which drew up the black list of increases based on Istat inflation surveys in August. The numbers show that food goods are even higher by 10.2% compared to 2021. Among the products that show the greatest increase in prices is margarine with + 24%, followed by flour (+ 23%), the rice (+ 22%) and pasta (+ 22%). But inflation does not spare even the stored milk (+ 19%) which precedes chicken meat, which has increased by 16%, and eggs (+ 15%). And now for fresh milk the threshold of 2 euros per liter is dangerously close.

TRIPS. Airline tickets with three-digit increases

The rise in prices and tariffs recorded in August also affected the summer movements of Italians, through very strong increases in the price lists. According to the calculations of Assoutenti, in fact, those who decided to leave during the last month spent 128.1% more on air tickets for international flights compared to the previous year, while domestic flights are more expensive. 8.1%. For ferry fares, the increases in August were in the order of 6.6%. The costs of rental cars also skyrocketed, which, based on the latest Istat data available, increased by almost 25%. Average increases of 10-15% also for taxis and for local transport tickets and passes for those who have chosen to visit the main European capitals. And in particular London, Paris and Madrid.

FUELS. Now it is calm, the unknown of excise duties

August is very expensive, as in the previous months, however, for those who have chosen to move by car, with diesel fuel which in August cost an average of 18.2% more than last summer. Petrol increased by 8.8%, with peaks of up to 40.1% for other fuels such as LPG and methane. The situation, however, has been cooling down a bit for some weeks. According to the processing of Quotidiano Energia of the data communicated by the managers to the Mise Observatory-prices updated to yesterday, the national average price of petrol in self mode has been reduced to 1,773 euros / liter (1,775 the previous figure). The average price charged for diesel self goes to 1.858 euros / liter (1.856 yesterday’s value). The cut in excise duties by 30 cents has been extended until 5 October: the question remains as to what will happen next.

RESTAURANTS AND BARS. Dining out and an aperitif cost more

Looking at the top 10 items related to holidays alone, according to the calculations of the Italian Consumers Union, they lead the ranking of hotel and motel price increases, with an increase of 16.6%, followed by pensions (+ 9.4%) and holiday packages in Italy (+ 5.7%). The expensive prices do not spare even those who choose to go out for lunch or dinner: it costs more to eat at the restaurant (+ 4.8%), but also to opt for a meal in a pizzeria (+ 5.4%). It’s no better if you choose the frugal option: a fast food hamburger or a take away have gone up in price by 5.2%. You also have to pay more for an ice cream or a sweet in the pastry shop or an iced drink at the bar, with increases ranging from 2.4 to 3.6%. And now the sector associations fear further increases linked to energy costs: there are those who have started to charge for table service.

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BILLS. New sting after the mad rush of gas

Each Italian family finds itself paying 1,231 euros more than in 2020 only for electricity and gas bills, with energy costs increasing in the two-year period 2021-2022 overall by + 92.7%. The data comes from Assoutenti. In 2020, an average family spent 785 on gas, 542 euros on electricity, for a total of 1,327 euros. In 2021, due to the sharp increases started in the last quarter of the year, the gas bill reached € 1,162 per household, € 802 for electricity (for a total of € 1,964 per family). In 2022, due to the rise in tariffs and despite the government’s measures, total expenditure on energy rises to 2,558 euros per household (1,516 euros for gas, 1,042 euros for electricity). But the worst is probably yet to come, because the prices reached by gas in recent weeks are destined to be passed on to the next bills.

SCHOOL. Bloodletting in sight from textbooks to markers

The return to the desks of the students risks translating into a bloodletting for the parents. On the eve of the reopening of the schools, Coop Alleanza 3.0 traced the picture of the price increases and, on the basis of data from over 350 stores in 9 regions, the largest consumer cooperative in Italy shows an upward trend in reference prices of the school kit which, excluding textbooks, stands at + 6-8% in 2022. Prices are therefore rising for notebooks, markers, crayons, pencils, pens, scissors, erasers and other necessary teaching materials. “Even if the price increases recorded in the supply of school basket products draw a less alarming curve compared to the rest of the expenditure, a strong impact on families is foreseeable” observes Mario Cifiello, president of Coop Alleanza 3.0.


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