FESTIVAL OF THE HEBREW BOOK, XIII edition | 15 – 18 September 2022 | Ferrara

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PHOTO Book Festival 2021, Workshop for children


National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah – MEIS



XIII edition

Return to the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah of Ferrara

the event dedicated to Hebrew literature that for this edition

addresses the themes of the relationship between Judaism and image he was born in renovation.

There XIII edition presents a parterre of national and international guests,

which includes the Pulitzer Prize Joshua Cohenthe Israeli cartoonist Rutu Modan,

the children’s writer Keren David and many others.

Scheduled meetings with the authors e workshopa homage to Primo Levi

and the presentation of the ambitious project: a new home for the National Library of Israel signed by the architects Herzog & de Meuron

15 – 18 September 2022

National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah – MEIS

via Piangipane 81, Ferrara




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Ferrara, 02 September 2022. Abraham B. Yehoshua, David Grossman, Eike Schmidt, Eshkol Nevo, Christian Greco, Alessandro Piperno, Luciano Canfora and many other authors have taken part in the Feast of the Hebrew Bookwhich comes back from 15 to 18 September 2022 with a XIII edition full of national and international guests and a program of book presentations, meetings, workshop And masterclass.

Conceived and organized by National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah-MEISthe manifestation is a format that the MEIS has developed to raise awareness of the many nuances of Jewish culture, and which this year sees the participation of great authors such as the Pulitzer Prize Joshua Cohenthe Israeli cartoonist Rutu Modanthe children’s writer Keren David and many others.

The program of this XIII edition deals above all with two themes: the relationship between Judaism and image explored through comics, graphic novel and ancient manuscripts illustrated in a comparison with the authors who, as the Director of MEIS says Amedeo Spagnolettoreflects on “identity issues, the need for self-representation and the powerful balance between words and drawings, a combination that, in addition to entertaining and entertaining, often allows us to express the ineffable. “

Another central theme of the edition is that of renovationword chosen to pay homage to the European Day of Jewish Culture (18 September 2022) which coincides with the last day of the Feast of the Hebrew Book and is dedicated to this concept with multiple meanings. “Renewing means changing – he adds Amedeo Spagnolettobut also to make something you already had different, even to return to appreciate ideas and beliefs that had been set aside because hastily labeled as outdated. It means giving yourself the opportunity to improve, therefore respecting yourself and the environment around us, and why not do it then by reading a book!“.

On this basis within the program we find, among other events, the presentation of Netanyahu. Where a minor and ultimately negligible episode in the history of an illustrious family is told (Code editions, 2022) with the author, the Pulitzer Prize Joshua Cohenintroduced by Claudia Durastanti, who oversaw the translation of all the Italian editions. In the book, Cohen is inspired by the story of Benjamin Netanyahu’s father, Benzion, to activate with irreverent irony a reflection on history, on the cultural and religious conflicts of American Jews and on the vulnerability of identity discourses (18 September at 6.00 pm).

Do not miss the meeting with the Israeli cartoonist Rutu Modanone of the most popular brands in the panorama of contemporary comics, during which his career will be retraced and the role of graphic novel as a particularly effective tool to tell the news. The artist will reveal, talking with the illustrator e visual storyteller Emanuele Rossosome initiatives that see it engaged as a protagonist, together with the National Library of Israel (15 September at 5.30 pm). Modan returns as the protagonist of the Party also the next day to hold one masterclass free dedicated to the techniques for writing graphic novels: a unique opportunity for meeting, dialogue and comparison for illustrators, cartoonists and comic book enthusiasts (16 September at 10.00).

A true tribute in the round is dedicated to Primo Levistarting with the new edition of the short story collection Natural stories (Einaudi, 2022), presented by the curators Domenico Scarpa, Martina Mengonithe President of the publishing house Giulio Einaudi editore Walter Barberis and the writer and chemist Marco Malvaldi (18 September at 4.30 pm).

To this meeting is added the reflection on the relationship between images and words in the dialogue between A quiet star. Sentimental portrait of Primo Levi from Pietro Scarnera (Coconino Press, 2022) and The libertine chemist, from Fabrizio Franceschini (Carocci, 2022), moderated by the journalist Caterina Doglio: a way to look again at this extraordinary figure, passing from a delicate attention to man and his multifaceted interests of the first book, to his passion for languages ​​(and linguistics and etymology) of which he felt the charm on his skin and the importance of Auschwitz in the sick, at the center of the second (18 September at 3.00 pm).

An almost unique opportunity is also represented by the presentation of the edition in facsimile of the Meshal ha-Qadmoni (scheduled for 16 September at 5.00 pm), a small code of ancient fables, richly illustrated with lively and colorful scenes and copied in 1483 in Brescia in an Ashkenazi Hebrew calligraphy, commented by the curators Pier Francesco Fumagalli (Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana), Anna Linda Callow in dialogue with prof. Saverio Campanini (UNIBO).

A further look at the book as an object will focus on National Library of Israel, the National Library of the State of Israel and a reference point for Jews around the world. The new headquarters – due to be completed shortly in Jerusalem near the Knesset, the parliament – was designed by Herzog & de Meuron. The architectural complex will house all of his activities and treasures, from the manuscripts of Isaac Newton to works by the rabbi and doctor Maimonides, from the personal archives of the philosopher Martin Buber to the letters of Franz Kafka, as well as documents, rare books and miniatures that tell centuries of history of the Jews in Italy and much more (18 September at 12.00).

Many meetings dedicated to children and teenagers, come on workshop to the possibility of listening Keren Davidwho arrives in Ferrara with his The things that scare us (Giuntina, 2022) – selected for the Strega Girls and Boys Award – a story of friendship against racism with which the writer imagines a possible different future (16 September at 12.00). The relationship between food, religion and dietary norms, such as the kasherutwill be explored in the meeting dedicated to the book Recipes and precepts (Giuntina, 2019) with the author Miriam Camerini, Judaism scholar and artist. The presentation is made in collaboration with Coop Alleanza 3.0 (16 September at 10.30).


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