‘Pfui’, the new book from Gli Scarabocchi by Maicol & Mirco – Libri

‘Pfui’, the new book from Gli Scarabocchi by Maicol & Mirco – Libri
‘Pfui’, the new book from Gli Scarabocchi by Maicol & Mirco – Libri
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(ANSA) – ROME, 02 SEPT – ‘Pfui’, the sixth volume of the Opera Omnia de Gli Scarabocchi by Maicol & Mirco, is released with the preface by the singer-songwriter Colapesce, for Bao Publishing.

Between lapidary satire and narrative comics, which conquers anyone who approaches it – even Zerocalcare cited a cartoon from Gli Scarabocchi by Maicol & Mirco in his series ‘Tearing along the edges’ – the collection is an editorial object difficult to frame, in which is told with a merciless gaze on our reality, sometimes cynical, sometimes melancholy, but always authentic and never judgmental, to the point of containing hints of lyricism and great tenderness. ‘Pfui’ comes after Argh, with the preface by Adriano Ercolani, Sob, with the preface by Alessio Trabacchini, Bah, with the preface by Lrnz – winner of the Tuono Pettinato Award, Crack, with the preface by Silvia Ballestra and No!, With the preface by Andrea Delogu. The edition of this complete series uses an interior and cover design book designed by Lrnz. “They are iconic tables, you start with the first and you can’t stop, some are kicks in the mouth, you laugh but you suffer a little and that’s right: if art doesn’t bother you and doesn’t move something, what’s the use? I’ll tell you: nothing! ” Colapesce writes in the text that opens’ Pfui.

Maicol & Mirco make comics from middle school. They are best friends. Envious people say that Mirco does not exist. But they don’t know that comics make anyone exist.

Creators of Gli scarabocchi di Maicol & Mirco, the brilliant red and black cartoons published on the web and re-proposed by Bao Publishing starting from 2018 in an elegant Opera Omnia, have collaborated and collaborate everywhere from Linus to Smemoranda and from Oggi to La Revue Dessinée Italy . They are authors of books such as Gli Arcanoidi (Coconino, 2018) and Il Papa di dio (Bao Publishing, 2017) and a story by Groucho about Dylan Dog. They also made children’s stories like Red Ball and Blue Ball published by Bao Publishing. (HANDLE).


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