Books: Coluccio Salutati and his teaching

Books: Coluccio Salutati and his teaching
Books: Coluccio Salutati and his teaching
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(ANSA) – FLORENCE, 02 SEPT – A new Humanism is really possible today. This is the common thread of the work of Massimo Vanni, for many years a political chronicler, who wrote a book centered on Coluccio Salutati, admirer of Dante, cultural heir of Petrarch and Boccaccio, chancellor of the Florentine Republic from 1375 to 1406, initiator if not the ‘inventor’ of that movement. ‘Florence is my homeland, Coluccio Salutati and the birth of Humanism’, the title of the volume (Porto Seguro publisher, 274 pages, 17 euros), just out.
In search of its own horizon of meaning, politics, the author observes, often refers to the season in which Salutati lived, which profoundly marked the start of modernity: “A ‘new Renaissance’, a new Humanism ‘is the promise of the future that political leaders bestow in an attempt to offer a reassuring perspective. The idea of ​​man built on the foundations of that season, which in Florence had its beginning and experienced one of the highest moments of civil inspiration, now appears definitively at the sunset due to the great planetary transformations. It is precisely today that the old foundations seem to crumble when the new ones are not yet seen “, the book traces the genesis of the humanistic movement that from Florence spread throughout Europe with a study focused on Salutati:” In his letters and in his treatises written largely in Palazzo Vecchio we can see the seeds of modernity of which we are children: from the active and sociable life ially committed that overturns the Aristotelian-medieval values ​​to the gnoseological shift from the object to the subject, from the man who builds history to the tragic discovery of the finite dimension of living which, if he later found a broader development in Leon Battista Alberti and Machiavelli, already in the pages of the chancellor. It was from Ser Coluccio that a new thought emerged, without which we would not be what we are. Without which Europe and the West, for better or for worse, would not be what they are “. (ANSA).

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