In September “Munari’s covers” at Kasa dei Libri

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From 9 September until 23 October 2022 the Kasa of Books showcases 400 Munari covers, many of which are almost unknown.

The exhibition at the Kasa dei Libri

There are many Einaudi covers but this is certainly not surprising. However, when we get to the sixties and seventies, Munari’s range of collaborations widens, reaching much less studied publishers, such as Rizzoli or Bompiani. And on display are entire series that escape even the most complete bibliographies. It is not just a question of quantity: variety also plays its part. In such a vast production, there are so many inspirations. An understandable phenomenon when it comes to publishing houses that are completely different from each other, for example the Club degli Editori with its tens of thousands of members, or Scheiwiller with a few hundred copies per edition. But sometimes the difference is seen between very similar brands, when not within the same publishing house. A variety perhaps never fully perceived, which this time the extension of the exhibition, even temporal (the first cover is from 1930, when Munari was 23, the last just before his death, in 1998) allows us to grasp at first view.

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