Hiroko Oyamada’s factory: the book review

Hiroko Oyamada’s factory: the book review
Hiroko Oyamada’s factory: the book review
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I confess that among these pages I have lived as many chapters of my life, in which the rules of consistency can suddenly collapse on you and melt into fragile hemorrhages destined for a thirst for reflective stillness.

When the sum of our actions forces us to start from scratch, it is useless to rely too much on our nostalgia, we must evolve.

IS the first step towards change in order not to remain vague in the wounds of self-pity.

And here it is The factoryin my mind, it has become a great plastic expression of our time and how we identify with society: so get ready to praise monologues in a cliché-printed comedy about our souls. It is not a class struggle, it is the consistency of an identity that asserts itself without taking refuge in the flight of false beliefs.

We live in cities where gears, thinking beings, survive reassured by faith in technology and by the enchantment of consecrated fashions and false myths.

The alchemy of the story shows us how existence can be reduced to knowing how to best embellish the well-furnished perimeters of our gilded cages. To stand out, however, it is necessary to carry out an inner transformation. To consist out of the chemistry of regret requires an intimate reaction.

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The important thing is not to look for the magic formula but to converge in the still… and start flying.

As background music for reading, I recommend the songs taken from the album Puff the Magic Dragon by Pink Martini & Saori Yuki for their original sound settings.

The article is in Italian

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