The most read books on vacation: surprise from TikTok

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Fiction and detective stories: this is what Italians read the most in this summer 2022. Whether they are under an umbrella by the sea, in the mountains or have stayed at home, Italians mostly read stories and thrillers. This is what emerges from the ranking of the best-selling books in recent weeks, published by the Giornale della Libreria, a newspaper of the Italian Publishers Association, in collaboration with Nielsen BookScan and AIE Study Office.

Publishing in crisis?

According to data published by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE), fewer and fewer books are being bought by Italians However: in the first five months of 2022 the Italian publishing industry of various, i.e. novels and essays sold in physical and online bookstores and in large-scale distribution, suffered a decline of 4.5% in value and 3.6% in number of copies compared to the first five months of 2021.

Sales at cover prices in the first 20 weeks amounted to € 565.6 million, copies sold totaling 38.3 million. Translated, it means that 27 million euros were lost in value and 1.4 million copies sold compared to 2021.

In the month of May alone (April 24-May 21) there was a -8.6% in value and -8.2% in copies compared to the same period last year. Sales were 96.2 million and copies amounted to 6.7 million: compared to May 2021, 9.1 million in value and 600 thousand copies were lost respectively.

Compared to the first five months of 2019, sales are up by 15.3% in value and 15.8% in number of copies, or 72.4 million euros more and 5.2 million copies more than to the corresponding period of 2019.

Where you read more

To read more, according to the latest ranking drawn up by Amazon, are the Milanese: Milan is confirmed as the city where you read the most in Italy, a record it has held for ten years. Among the most assiduous readers follow the inhabitants of Rome and Turinthe latter has always been linked to the book due to the famous International Exhibition held in May of each year (the next edition will be hosted in the Savoy city from 18 to 23 May).

Scrolling through the ranking, we then find out from the podium, in fourth place, Bologna and in fifth Genoa, capital instead of children’s literature, thanks to its very popular Bologna Children’s Book Fair, which next year, in 2023, will be held from 6 to March 9. Among the top ten cities, Florence, then Naples, Padua, Verona and finally Trieste also stand out in sixth place.

The most read books in July by Italians

But what are the most read books? Returning to the ranking drawn up by the Journal of the library, here they are, from position number 1 to 10:

“The Alaska Sanders Affair” by Joël Dicker (The Ship of Theseus)

“It ends with us. We are the ones to say enough “by Colleen Hoover (Sperling & Kupfer) – Released in America in 2016 and passed on the sly, it was thanks to the tam tam on TikTok, with the BookTok phenomenon, that he began to grind reviews after reviews, all extraordinary , to become a real editorial case. The views of the videos dedicated to this book have reached 800 million

“Manufacturer of Tears” by Erin Doom (Magazzini Salani)


Manufacturer of tears

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“Spatriati” by Mario Desiati (Einaudi) – winner of the 2022 Strega Prize (here the other 6 finalists for the Strega Prize)



“Crimes at Fleat House” by Lucinda Riley (Giunti)


Crimes at Fleat House

“Rosemary does not understand winter” by Matteo Bussola (Einaudi)

“Like wind sewn to the earth” by Ilaria Tuti (Longanesi)

“Let the game begin. Kiss me like you love me “by Kira Shell (Italian edition, Sperling & Kupfer)

“Rancore” by Gianrico Carofiglio (Einaudi)

“Niente di vero” by Veronica Raimo – winner of the 2022 Strega Giovani Award

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