the medieval history of Teate in the book by Aurelio Bigi

the medieval history of Teate in the book by Aurelio Bigi
the medieval history of Teate in the book by Aurelio Bigi

Presented the book “Teate Medievale”, written by Aurelio Bigi, which tells the story of the city from the fall of the Roman Empire to the discovery of America. About 100 pages to deepen the knowledge, in the new generations, of the past of Chieti.

This morning the president of the Rotary Club of Chieti, Attilio Pompilio, presented the volume “Medieval Teate” to the press. The book, published by éDICOLA Editrice in a few thousand copies, tells the story of Teate. “This book”, says Pompilio, “was created using the professionalism of some members of the Club. The texts, in fact, are by Aurelio Bigi and the photos were taken by Lamberto Zulli. The Rotary Club of Chieti wanted to make a gift to the students of the city so that, as they study the medieval history of Italy, they have the opportunity to see concretely what was happening in their city at the same time. Therefore, starting with the children and, through them, reaching their families as well. A lean, essential book with simple and understandable terms. A service for our beautiful city and its inhabitants. The Rotary Club of Chieti is available to all compulsory schools to hold meetings with school groups to illustrate the medieval history of Teate and show them what remains of this period today. Just call our pro tempore president and make an appointment. Since this is a “service”, both the books and the said meetings are absolutely free “.

The meeting was opened by the interventions of the mayor, Diego Ferrara, and the deputy mayor Paolo De Cesare who expressed their satisfaction with this initiative. Rosanna Buono then spoke, representing Maristella Fortunato, director of the Chieti-Pescara provincial school office; Lamberto Zulli, author of the photos reproduced in the book; Gregorio Di Luzio, president of the Rotary Club of Chieti in the year 2022/2023; Marilisa Palazzone (who oversaw the afterword); Aurelio Bigi, author of the work, who explained the content and purposes of the publication that was presented to the press.

The first distribution will take place next September directly in the individual schools operating in the territory of the Municipality of Chieti and will affect all the children who in the year 2022/2023 will attend the first lower secondary school. A similar distribution will be made in the following year.

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