“At 12 I was already a hairdresser, I read a thousand books” – Corriere.it

“At 12 I was already a hairdresser, I read a thousand books” – Corriere.it
“At 12 I was already a hairdresser, I read a thousand books” – Corriere.it
from Federica Cavadini

Milan, Giuseppina Rodolfi and the test at the Confalonieri institute. She and the five brothers had to leave school and go to work when dad got sick: I used to sell soap from door to door, now I want to do something for myself

The two years of Covid that knocked me down, my husband who died a year ago, the grandchildren who are now grown up and no longer have to take care of anyone. I wondered what I do with my life now and I started studying for the middle school. Giuseppina Rodolfi at the age of 81 today has the exam at the Confalonieri institute. I tell it because many in life stop at the first obstacle and also because there are many old people who do not know what to do and annoy their children – he smiles – and they become unbearable, I have never done it, I go out, I read,
I have over a thousand booksI started from Calvino, up to Freud and Engels and I adored Tiziano Terzani.

Summarizes her story, she and the five siblings who when dad get sick have to leave school and go to work, I was selling soap from door to door, at 12 I went to be a hairdresser, marriage at 21, two children, never stopped working, first in my husband’s delicatessen, then as a beautician, until he got sick, Alzheimer’s. I was alone a year ago and then I decided: I’m in middle school. From October in class every morning, says Giuseppina Rodolfi: I saw a school ad and I signed up. All in attendance, they offered me some online lessons and I immediately said no, I wanted to go out. I made a lot of acquaintances – he continues -. My mates? Fifteen-year-olds, many foreigners, they studied little, they could, on the other hand I was on the books every day and I woke up even at night, at my age it is difficult, you have many ancient memories but the short memory disappears. The exam has gone well so far.

I have prepared three years in one and for the two years I have already promoted, I presented myself with a paper on courage, starting with Rosso Malpelo. The topic went well, mathematics was difficult, now let’s see the oral. My thesis on the school of today and yesterday, when in my day everything was studied by heart and in fact I start with a poem by Carducci, San Martino, the mist on the steep hills drizzling salt …..

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June 24, 2022 (change June 24, 2022 | 08:31)


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