Bobo Craxi, Fulvio Abbate and the gauche caviar – Books – A book a day

Bobo Craxi, Fulvio Abbate and the gauche caviar – Books – A book a day
Bobo Craxi, Fulvio Abbate and the gauche caviar – Books – A book a day

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 23 – FULVIO ABBATE BOBO CRAXI, ‘GAUCE CAVIAR. How to save socialism with irony ‘(Baldini + Castoldi, pp. 248, Euro 18.00).
” Dearest Bobo, if we want to find the inventor, the promoter, the incarnation, the testimonial, the most convincing face, at least in relatively recent times, of the gauche caviar, after having been to London to visit the tomb of the deceased Karl Marx , we need to reach Paris, temporarily move to the Hexagon. In particular, we must visit a charming gentleman, a socialist like us, Jack Lang, former Minister of Culture, backcombed, grizzled hair, face tempered by a perennial tan, an exclusive charm that he carries now and always with him, even when he appears on the cover of ‘Paris Match’ “. In this passage, the goliardic spirit of a book is all that jokingly jokingly throws the stone into the pond of Italian politics and culture in a provocative way, obviously, as in the strings of at least one of the two authors, Fulvio Abbate.
It all stems from an equally playful reason, namely the idea of ​​opening a ‘Chiringuito’ in Tunisia. From here begins a correspondence between Bobo Craxi and Fulvio Abbate, between the politician and the writer, Hammamet and Rome, dreaming of Palermo, Spain and the places of their friendship. In short, the timelessness, the vintage, of an exchange of letters marks the spirit of this sometimes disconnected free exchange of reflections and memories on the Italian left, its vices and virtues. “I think the name Chiringuito – writes Craxi – makes Central America too much, it tastes like maracas, better Cabane, they will forgive us for Frenchism, but let’s not forget that, thanks to that meeting, we will celebrate the gauce caviar and at the same time we will pay our provincial homage to the common readings, as well as to the motto of the French revolution ‘Liberté, Egalite, Fraternité’, from which it all began ”.
Secular and irreverent by vocation, the two friends exchange irresistible letters in which with a cultured attitude that does not disdain pop branded. ” The left is the most political part of the country ”, writes Craxi and this is why it becomes the object of their enjoyable analysis because it is also a personal story of two direct or indirect protagonists of fifty years of Italian history and culture. For example, the pages in which Bobo recalls his father’s passion for painting and art in general and his custom of transforming the house in Hammamet into an artist’s residence are beautiful. The idea, explains Abbate at one point, is to create ” an ircocervo ”, as the surrealists did, in that game that has gone down in history as the exquisite corpse, passing a note to write a sentence and every time to fold the margin to create a text that was only the result of freedom and instinct. Yes, this book by Abbate and Craxi is basically a reflection on the idea of ​​freedom as at times it can be fully expressed only in games. And there is nothing more serious. (HANDLE).

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