The book by Fiorella Franchini: “Pulsa de Nura – The curse of Berenice of Cilicia”

The book by Fiorella Franchini: “Pulsa de Nura – The curse of Berenice of Cilicia”
The book by Fiorella Franchini: “Pulsa de Nura – The curse of Berenice of Cilicia”
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Saturday 28 January 2023, 5 pm, the historical cultural association, “Progetto Centola”, in collaboration with the group “Mingardo/Lambro/Cultura”, presents the book by Fiorella Franchini:Pulsa de Nura – The Curse of Berenice of Cilicia”.


The historical-cultural association, “Progetto Centola”, in collaboration with the “Mingardo/Lambro/Cultura” group, on Saturday 28 January 2023, at 5 pm, presents the book of Fiorella Franchini: “Pulsa de Nura – The Curse of Berenice of Cilicia”.

The meeting will be held remotely on the Googlemeet platform.

Synopsis: “On 24 June 79 AD Tito Flavio, a general who had sacked and destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem, became Emperor of Rome and repudiated Queen Berenice of Cilicia, his lover. Assumed power, Tito must face the eruption of Vesuvius, an epidemic in Rome and the terrible fire of Campo Martio, before dying in sudden and unclear circumstances. Were these disastrous and fatal events linked to the terrible Jewish curse, the pulsa de nura, invoked by the rabbis to appease Berenice’s wrath? On this hypothesis is based the exciting novel that intertwines the political conspiracy with a poignant love story, against the background of Campania felix and Campi Flegrei, represented in the architectural splendor of the patrician villas, in the magnificence of the temples and in the lively everyday life of the plebs and merchants”.

Introduced and moderated by Ezio Martuscelli; Since 2010 he has been president of the historical-cultural association “Centola Project”. Author of publications and books both in the scientific field and in the history of the territory of the Municipality of Centola and Cilento, he then dedicated himself to the study of the emigration processes of Cilento. In this context, with the collaboration of Bert Marinko, he has published the following volumes: “The story of Nicola Imbriaco and Teresa Gabriele. From the Cilento countryside to the Hazleton mines in Pennsylvania”, Printed in Poland by Amazon (2021).

“Fortune and misfortune of a family of Italian emigrants. From Cilento to Pennsylvania-USA”, Printed in Poland by Amazon, 2021. In collaboration with Pina Valente: “When people emigrated en masse to America from southern Italy. Case History of the Natale family of Centola (SA)”.

Director of the Plastics Research and Technology Institute of the National Research Council. He was a professor at the Universities “Federico II” and “Suor Orsola Benincasa” of Naples.

Interventions: Antonella Casaburi born in Vallo della Lucania (SA), lives in Rome. She classically trained, she taught Italian and Latin in high schools, she graduated with honors in the History of Italian Literary Criticism at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Rome La Sapienza. You attended a Master’s degree for organizers of cultural and entertainment events and a course in environmental journalism. She deals with Theory of Literature and Literary Criticism, Comparative Literature and Romance and Finno-Ugric philology. She is a translator of Hungarian, whose cultural relations she studied with Italy.


In May 2021, his first novel was released, “Mirari”, published by Lastaria Edizioni, in collaboration with Delia Literary Agency; present at the Turin International Book Fair and at the Rome Book Fair. His participation in a television format on LA7 is recent.

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Bianca Fasano, Neapolitan, sociologist, writer, journalist, has been registered since 1980. Former correspondent for Rome and later for Il Mattino and Il Giornale di Napoli. You have directed radio and television stations and newspapers, including, from 1987 to 1991, The Cultural Noon”, periodical of the Cilento Historical Culture Association CI.RI. Cilento Research, Fornelli (SA). Expert in graphology, physiognomy and parapsychology. In 1995 you founded the Association “Academy of the Parmenides“. His books are also on the web in ebook and paper form. For her complete work, she has been awarded the Prize by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for Culture on five occasions.

The author, Fiorella Franchini, writer, journalist, director of the webmagazine napoliontheroad was born and lives in Naples. You have collaborated with the newspaper Il Denaro, publish with specialized magazines and periodicals and have published eleven interviews in the anthology “Woman is Soul” (Savarese publisher).

He made his debut with novels “The White Orchid”, (1995) and “The fugitives of Lokrum”, (1998), inspired by some conflicts of the second half of the twentieth century, followed by thrillers “nanhai” (2002) and “The fires of Atrani” (2006). The historical novelsKorallion” (2014), “The Veil of Isis” (2018) and “Pulsa de Nura, the curse of Berenice of Cilicia” (Editor Guide March 2022), are set in Greek and Roman Naples.

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