There is no dossier on Emanuela Orlandi

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Updates on the Emanuela Orlandi case

“There is no dossier on Emanuela Orlandi, that’s why it has not been disclosed”. Father Georg Gänswein in his book ‘Nothing but the truth’ also dedicates a chapter to the disappearance of the 15-year-old Vatican citizen.

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Updates on the Emanuela Orlandi case

“There is no dossier on Emanuela Orlandi in the Vatican”. Father wrote it Georg Ganswein in his book released on Thursday, January 12, 2023 ‘Nothing but the truth’. My life alongside Benedict XVI’, written with Vatican expert Saverio Gaeta and published by Piemme. After his death on 31 December 2022 at the age of ninety-five, Pope Ratzinger’s personal secretary told his own truth about some events that concerned the pontiff emeritus. Issues ranging from Vatileaks to pedophilia, from relations with his successor Pope Francis to the Orlandi case, with respect to which investigations have been reopened forty years later. The Orlandi family hasn’t stopped looking for Emanuela, her brother Pietro has organized a demonstration for next January 14, on the occasion of her fifty-fifth birthday.


The mystery of Emanuela Orlandi in Father Georg Gänswein’s book

In his book, Georg Gänswein also dedicates a space to the fifteen-year-old Vatican citizen, whose forty years since her disappearance will occur on June 22nd. Here are some passages from the chapter ‘The mystery of Emanula Orlandi’ in which Father Georg writes: “(…) Father Lombardi’s declarations represented the most authoritative reconstruction on which to base any position, namely that the substance of the question is that unfortunately there was no concrete element in the Vatican useful for the solution of the case to be provided to the investigators”.

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And that: “The attribution of knowledge of secrets pertaining to the kidnapping itself by persons belonging to the Vatican institutions, without indicating any name, does not correspond to any reliable or well-founded information”. (…) Commander Giani also consulted the documentation of the time and concluded that there had been no news kept hidden from the Italian judiciary and that in the meantime no further hypotheses had matured regarding which to further investigate the Vatican. And regarding the existence of a dossier on the Orlandi case attributed to him, he wrote: “(…) I have never compiled anything in relation to the Orlandi case, so this phantom dossier has not been disclosed solely because it does not exist (…)”.

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