At the Teatro delle Api with “Parlare Futuro” the latest books by Barbara Alberti and Valentino Grassetti are presented

At the Teatro delle Api with “Parlare Futuro” the latest books by Barbara Alberti and Valentino Grassetti are presented
At the Teatro delle Api with “Parlare Futuro” the latest books by Barbara Alberti and Valentino Grassetti are presented
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PORTO SANT’ELPIDIO – Parlare Futuro continues its series of meetings dedicated to the future, seen from different perspectives that discuss the hottest contemporary issues. The review, now in its twelfth edition, starting from the fil rouge Panopticon, aims to lead a reflection on freedom and on the possibility of being subtracted from the meshes of power through philosophy, literature, art and why not, the philosophy of numbers. The third appointment will feature the brilliant screenwriter and writer Valentino Grassetti with his latest book Boutique Hotel and the pyrotechnic writer Barbara Alberti with her latest book Amores, on January 7 at the Teatro delle Api in Porto Sant’Elpidio at 6 pm.
18 September 1938, day of the proclamation of the racial laws. Screenwriter Alex Rubirosa, a fascinating and complex man, leaves Rome to go to work on a new, revolutionary anti-Jewish propaganda film wanted by the Duce. He will stay in the sumptuous rooms of the Boutique Hotel, together with impoverished nobles and lustful women, but during the filming of the film the fight between fascists and anti-fascists is getting tougher. Alex begins to deal with his conscience because he feels responsible for fueling the infamous racial propaganda, which is revealing itself in all his monstrosity. Intertwining more or less fictional events with meticulous historical research, Valentino Grassetti recounts the deeds and misdeeds of the last part of the Fascist period and of the resistance in this part of Italy. Valentino Grassetti is a screenwriter and story editor, historical author of Rainbow animation, a manufacturer of internationally successful cartoons such as Winx Club, 44 cats, Pinocchio & Friends and Monster Allergy.
“Why do humans do anything crazy to be unhappy? Then they say they are depressed – I believe it! Are you with who you don’t love, go to bed with who you don’t like, and would you like to be happy too?” It is with this question that Amores by Barbara Alberti opens, a book that tells the story of love and many (if not all) of the forms in which it can be embodied. In the irresistible pages of the book you will find tracking shots of Marilyn Monroe’s men and Gabriele D’Annunzio’s women, verbal skirmishes between Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana, or between Jacqueline Kennedy and Maria Callas. But also stories of love, courtship, fidelity and infidelity. Because with, Barbara Alberti, with grace, irony, lightness shows indubitable truths only apparently paradoxical, that repression can produce eroticism, jealousy become complicity, that fidelity makes you happier than its opposite, but that unfortunately even dogs know how to betray. And above all that nothing is more erotic than loving.
Barbara Alberti, born in Umbertide in 1943, moved to Rome at the age of fifteen, where she studied Philosophy at the Sapienza University. Her brilliant degree and her sixty-eight inspiration opened the doors of writing to tell the female world and her struggle to direct it towards self-expression and personal freedom. In the 1970s and 1980s, she was not only an excellent novelist with novels such as Wicked Memoirs and the controversial Gospel according to Mary, but also a film scriptwriter for Liliana Cavani’s The Night Porter, Petrovic’s The Master and Margarita and A Woman in the Mirror of Quaregna, and playwright with Ecce Homo. She became known to the general public in the 90s with the hosting of the radio program La Guardiana del Faro, in which (as in her journalistic columns Parliamo d’Amore di Amica, Luci Rosse on Penthouse and La posta di Barbara Alberti on Fatto Quotidiano) collects letters and testimonies of women enslaved by improbable and insane love stories, who irreverently and ironically advises and encourages love for oneself, for knowledge, for a commitment to humanity rather than to a single man (who in most cases it doesn’t seem anywhere near as Dantesquely promising as it was initially believed). In the 2000s she exported her indomitable spirit, her sagacity and her irony on the search for true love and the true value of people in the world on TV, participating as a columnist in very popular programs such as The mole and The farm, and later as a commentator in La Repubblica delle Donne di Chiambretti and as a competitor in Master Chef Celebrities Italia and Big Brother Vip 4.
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