Alberto Angela returns to Turin to present the new book “Nerone” (December 12, 2022, Turin)

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Tree Angela © Photo BARBARA LEDDA

Alberto Angela will be at Turin the next December 12, 2022 to present the new book Nero to the Savoyard public. The appointment is organized by the Turin International Book Fair in collaboration with the Lavazza Group for the “Waiting for the Fair” cycle (appointments with female and male authors throughout the year, in anticipation of the May event at Lingotto Fiere).

Alberto Angela’s new work is a story about the rebirth of Rome and the fall of an emperor, a compelling and meticulous historical book, an original investigation that offers a new interpretation of Nero, his empire and his fall. on what he bequeathed and on the rebirth of Rome.

Third volume of the trilogy, the new “Nero” arrives in bookstores after the previous volumes dedicated to one of the most controversial protagonists of Roman history: “The last day of Rome. Journey to the city of Nero shortly before the great fire ′′ (2020) and ′′ Hell over Rome. The great fire that destroyed the city of Nero ′′ 2021, always edited by HarperCollins – Rai Libri. The book is embellished with an unpublished illustration created by Milo Manara, who wanted to represent Nero following the words of Alberto Angela.

The writer, presenter and science popularizer will be at the Nuvola Lavazza plant in Turin on 12 December at 6.30 pm. Admission is free until sold outi, with reservation required on SalTo+.

Date(s): December 12, 2022
Hours: 18:30 – 20:30

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Lavazza cloud
Via Bologna, 32 – Turin

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Free with reservations required

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