Hikikomori and life ache, Azzate reflects with the author of the book “My son”

Hikikomori and life ache, Azzate reflects with the author of the book “My son”
Hikikomori and life ache, Azzate reflects with the author of the book “My son”
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DANGER – The Municipality of Azzate will host tomorrow, Wednesday 23 November, at 20.30 Marco Termenanaauthor of the book “My son – The love I didn’t have time to tell him” to the council chamber in via Castellani 1. The meeting, moderated by Roberta Bertolinijournalist of VareseNews, will be introduced by the mayor Gianmario Bernasconi assisted by the Councilor for Culture Enzo Vignola and the city councilor Claudia Miterangelis. The initiative, in addition to receiving the support of the Pro Loco, is also supported by three parents’ associations: “Together for school”, “Parents kindergarten” and “Primary school”.

The support of the “Sportello Delfino”

The psychologists of the “Sportello Delfino” have contributed to the organization of the event and will be present at the evening Zone Plansection of Azzate, Paolo Arru and Chiara Odobezi.e. the local listening desk aimed precisely at preventing youth discomfort (the Zone Plan – PdZ – is a network of social and health care services for the integration of local policies and in the territorial ambit of Azzate it has twelve other Municipalities: Brunello, Buguggiate, Carnago, Caronno Varesino, Casale Litta, Castronno, Crosio della Valle, Daverio, Gazzada Schianno, Morazzone, Mornago and Sumirago).

Giuseppe, Noemi and the isolation of the hikikomori

In addition to the presentation of a book, the meeting, as can already be understood from the number and type of organizers, wants to be a moment of reflection between the author and all those adults who, in various roles (parents, grandparents, educators, teachers, psychologists and public administrators) put the education of the young generations at the centrein the light of the painful testimony narrated.
Under the pseudonym of El Griton the same subject, Termenana has already published “Joseph”.
The novels are inspired by Joseph’s suicide, the twenty-one-year-old son (the first of three) when on a night in March 2014 he opened the window of his room on the eighth floor of a building in Milan and launched himself into the void. Without ever falling into rhetoric, the story tells the (bad) life of those who have felt trapped in their own bodies since adolescence: Giuseppe’s story is in fact also the story of Noemi, a female alter ego, who takes on definite contours in the life of her parents only when she takes her own life. Tragedy not only of lack of transsexuality but also of deadly isolationaka hikikomori, disease consisting in the choice of total withdrawal from social and family life.

A book to improve the dialogue between parents and children

“My son” is receiving strong acclaim from literary critics from all over Italy and just last month he celebrated the thirty-first award in sixteen months, but why host a citizen of Salerno naturalized in Milan in Varesotto? Miterangelis, who strongly desired this event, replies: «It’s not a question of the bell tower. The book, in fact, aims to improve the dialogue between parents and children enter especially in those families where there are cases of hikikomoriwhere at least talking about it can provide some relief. The author himself reiterates that, beyond the certificates and acknowledgments, through his diffusion, he undertook a long and demanding battle to prevent other parents from finding themselves in grief in which he fell due to the extreme gesture made by Joseph. For this reason, as public administrators we have felt the responsibility to support this initiative in favor of our territory”.
Nice to see that, when it comes to children, even better than the values ​​that concern them, there are no bell towers and the universal language of a father’s love becomes an unstoppable tornado that envelops and involves everyone.

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