The reading habits of Italians in 2022

The reading habits of Italians in 2022
The reading habits of Italians in 2022
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How much do Italians read? What are their reading habits? What reading or listening do they prefer? At what time of day do they dedicate time to their favorite story? Rakuten Kobo will answer these and many other questions. From best-selling books, to the time of day Italians flipped the most pages, to the impact of global events on reading and listening choices, the Kobo Book Report 2022 gives us a real snapshot of the latest trends and habits of Italian readers.

The reading habits of Italians in 2022

Also this year, reading – especially digital reading – has played a leading role in the daily life of Italians. After a significant increase in readers since the pandemic, the trend continues to grow strongly this year too. In fact, 2022 was an important year for books and audiobooks: the total time dedicated to reading by Italians reached the equivalent of 1800 years, recording an average increase of 62% compared to the previous year. And if we were to combine digital reading and listening, we would reach a total of 982 million minutes!

“The past two years have been a wild ride for readers and bookstores alike. In 2022, COVID restrictions have eased, readers have started leaving their homes again, and Kobo, as a digital bookstore, has seen some exciting changes and new trends in reading behavior globally,” said Michael Tamblyn, CEO. by Rakuten Kobo.

Kobo Book Report 2022

If we analyze the moments of the day when we read the most, the situation varies according to the area of ​​Italy where we live. However, it is interesting to note that the general trend is to devote oneself to this hobby towards the end of the day, when from the Alps to the tip of the boot, the greatest efficiency is recorded between time spent and pages browsed. In Padua and Turin one reads more at tea time (4-5pm), in Rome and Florence aperitif hours are preferred (7-8pm), and in Milan, Genoa and Treviso the preferred time is after dinner, before to go to sleep (22-23).

Among the trends that emerged from the Report there is also the positive growth in some specific areas of northern Italy: in Venice, for example, the increase in Kobo readers reached 27%. In short… From north to south, Italians are rediscovering the pleasure of reading and it is not surprising to discover that the days of the week when we read the most are the weekends.


The influence of movies and TV series

Among the main factors that have contributed to the reading habits of Italians we cannot overlook the influence of TV series and films, which accompany our evenings and most of our moments of relaxation and today more than ever have the ability to direct interests and consume. From Game of Thrones to Bridgerton via The Witcher – there are many series that have intrigued and prompted Italians to deepen by reading the related books. And here those same novels have climbed the ranking of best-selling eBooks of the moment.

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Reading habits and social networks

According to the Kobo Book Report 2022, social media, and in particular Tik Tok, have also played a central role in the development of reading habits and the growth of Kobo sales. The platform most used by GenZ continues to conquer the publishing industry: the advice of influencers on the platform, in fact, drives reading trends in Italy.

The most popular authors

Kobo’s most popular author is Colleen Hoover, with sales of her book It Ends With Us up nearly 118% year-over-year. It is interesting to note how the dynamics of the publishing sector are drastically changing. In fact, just think how Hoover’s novels have climbed the bestseller list several years after their publication, thanks to the great popularity they have achieved among fans on social media.

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