Self-publishing, the platforms to publish your book

Self-publishing, the platforms to publish your book
Self-publishing, the platforms to publish your book
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Do you want to become a writer too? The new digital technologies, for some time now, have made it possible to see one’s writings published both in ebook format and in paper format. So let’s take a journey through the Italian self-publishing platforms that allow you to publish your own book. Getting noticed by a publishing house is now very difficult and there are several cases of authors who became famous by self-publishing their first work.

Here are the main self-publishing platforms in Italy

Kindle Direct Publishing

It is Amazon’s dedicated self-publishing platform for publishing books in ebook format. The service is free, as long as you sell a book, then a percentage is deducted from the author’s income (from 30% up). To start publishing an ebook, you need to open an Amazon account, upload the manuscript in one of the allowed formats and then convert it into .mobi, a format owned by Amazon, using the tools provided on the platform.

In any case it is therefore necessary to format your text before uploading it to the site. Unlike in-store sales, earnings for these systems are calculated based on the number of book pages that customers read. Amazon is promoting the book free for a limited period of 5 days.

It was one of the first to offer users a free Isbn code for publication. It has everything you need to independently publish and distribute a book. The only expense is the mandatory purchase of a proof copy, for approval before sending to resellers. Ebooks can be made available free of charge or sold for a minimum price of €0.99.

For each copy sold above the minimum price, the author receives up to 90% of the profits. The site allows each author to create their own personalized page. For each “Author Showcase” it is possible to choose a theme, add links to one’s social profiles and websites, insert images and videos, as well as, obviously, the list of published books, of which it will be possible to download a preview.


Youcanprint provides two types of creation of books on paper: the first is the printing of personal copies, in the number and format you want; the second is the actual publication, with the assignment of an ISBN code, distribution and sale in both national and international bookshops. These are 4,500 physical bookstores, including the franchises of Mondadori, Feltrinelli and Ibs.

Additionally, if your book meets certain pagination requirements, you can apply for Global Distribution to reach markets in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Continental Europe and Great Britain. The author receives 30% of the cover price for each copy sold on the Youcanprint store and 20% for each copy sold through affiliated resellers.

If you look at royalties, digital publishing seems decidedly cheaper, in fact, for each ebook sold, the author receives 50% of the cover price on copies sold in online stores and 70% on copies sold on the Youcanprint store. Yuocanprint also offers the unique ability to publish an audiobook.


StreetLib Self Publish

This self-publishing platform first of all allows you to assign an ISBN code to your book for free and activate a work protection system. Distribution takes place through StreetLib Publish, StreetLib Store and the main international online bookstores such as Amazon, Google Play, iBookstore, KoboBooks.

CopyAMP code

This new platform allows anyone to sell ebooks; not only your own ebooks, but any kind of digital book, through simple widgets and links to embed on websites, blogs and social profiles. The platform obviously also allows you to print your own book and there are two ways to print. The first allows you to make a certain number of copies of your work on paper (starting from a minimum of 50) which you can then distribute completely independently from the site. The second, however, is the real print on demand, for the moment limited to the Amazon circuit.

In practice, once the service has been activated, the pdf file of the book and the cover are processed and sent to Amazon, which will make the work available, printing and shipping it, whenever a reader launches a purchase order. As for earnings, the site pays 15% of all sales. And if you are the author of the book, through StreetLib SelfPublish, then you will get 15% + 60% = 75% from your sale.


To create your book, just upload the manuscript file (.doc, .docx or .pdf) to the platform, set the print format and the cover. Unlike other sites, it is not necessary to immediately assign an ISBN code to the work in order to sell it. All the books created through ilmiolibro are always visible on the home page and in the site’s showcase, where readers can browse through the first chapters and then decide whether to buy it.

La Vetrina is a hosting service that you pay for every time a sale is made. The cost is equal to 20% of the profit destined for the author, i.e. the difference between the retail price and the printing and shipping price. The ISBN code, on the other hand, costs a figure below the and entitles the book to be distributed in the Feltrinelli bookshop circuit and on

Once the paper version has been created, it is also possible to access a free conversion service from the .doc format of the book to .epub. It is a wizard that allows you to make the necessary changes to the Source document to create a quality ebook. There is even the possibility of promoting one’s book for a fee, which allows for an advertisement to be published on and on other Group sites.

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