“Be stronger”, Di Nardo’s book that teaches how to seize victory in defeat

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We must never be dominated by those around us, leaving others responsible for our lives and happiness. Being at the mercy of events, waiting for something to happen that can change what we don’t like is not synonymous with a winning mentality. We must always try, throw ourselves, be strong, because there are no right things and wrong things: what we have been instilled in school is not what we have to apply to be successful, on the contrary we must hope to be wrong and live a possible defeat as an important formative moment to be treasured.

These are the most important teachings of the book Gianni DiNardo “Be stronger” (Mind editions, 160 pages, 14.90 euros), already a bestseller on Amazon. Born in 1995, the author is international trainer of NLP and expert in leadership and communication. A lover of travel, sport and everything related to personal improvement and growth, he is the founder of an Academy where teaches sportsmen and entrepreneurs how to get the most out of every performance. He considers himself a dreamer and an expert in both personal and professional achievements.

How can you be successful even when everything goes wrong? Just be “eternal dissatisfied and never be satisfied” explains the author in his work. It’s easy to walk tall when everything is going right, but not everyone knows how to make the best of their experiences when everything seems to go wrong. There is no need to give up, not to let go but to go into fear, dissatisfaction, loss, anger and guilt.


«The fact that being dissatisfied is perceived as a negative thing comes from a reality in which one thinks that being dissatisfied means not appreciating what one has, not being grateful, when it really isn’t. Not being satisfied doesn’t mean throwing away everything you own, but on the contrary, in most cases, it means that we subconsciously know that we can achieve more than what we have achieved up to now. It could mean that we can be better people than we are today. So why stop? Why settle for what you have and not go on, growing, improving and learning?» explains Di Nardo, encouraging everyone to never give up.

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