David Kertzer presents the book A Pope at War: The Secret History of Mussolini, Hitler and Pius XII

David Kertzer presents the book A Pope at War: The Secret History of Mussolini, Hitler and Pius XII
David Kertzer presents the book A Pope at War: The Secret History of Mussolini, Hitler and Pius XII
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Milan – Thursday 3 November 2022 at 18.30 at the Memorial of the Shoah in Milan the presentation of the book is held A pope at war: the secret history of Mussolini, Hitler and Pius XII from David Kertzer. Together with the author he intervenes David Bidussa.

Milan – On the death of Pius XII, in 1958, all the documents of the pontificate were locked up in the Vatican archives: by preventing scholars from being consulted, they left unanswered questions for a long time that over time they could only thicken, making Eugenio Pacelli one of the most controversial popes in history.

Milan – In 2020, after decades of pressure, those archives were finally opened and Pulitzer Prize winner David Kertzer was among the first historians to access it. The result is surprising. With the support of thousands of unpublished documents, A pope at war reveals the existence of secret negotiations between Hitler and Pius XII already a few weeks after the end of the conclave; tell how Mussolini relied on the Italian clergy and religious institutions to obtainpopular support for entry into the war; it shows how both the Duce and the Führer managed to manipulate the pontiff to their own advantage; and explains why, despite having irrefutable evidence of the ongoing extermination of the JewsPius XII never denounced the Nazi atrocities.

David Kertzer sheds new light on the darkest period of our history and draws the dramatic portrait of a pope ready to give up his role as moral guide in order to preserve the millennial power of the Church. free and free admission subject to availability; more information and reservations via e-mail.

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