Circle of readers of Capua, Annella Prisco and Ermanno Corsi inaugurate the 2022 meeting season

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CAPUA, November 1, 2022 – Meetings with authors resume at the Circolo dei Lettore in Capua COSE interni Libri, under the aegis of Capua the Place of Language festival, as part of the Pact for reading Capua – City that Law .
On Saturday, November 5th, at 6:30 pm in the meeting room of the library, the journalist Ermanno Corsi will talk with Annella Prisco, author of the book “Specchio a tre ante” (Editors’ Guide), the readings from the book are by Mary Attento. The event is in collaboration with Auser Capua chaired by Assuntina Plomitallo.

The book
“When one finds the courage to look beyond the surface, even a name makes one reflect on the tension between destiny and the choices that can transform one’s existence. Ada, the protagonist of this novel, is on a journey and, along the way, she accompanies us into her inner world as the episodes of her life emerge, distinct in the text, from two different verbal tenses, which mark the story by bringing out, little by little, feelings and personal events. Perhaps Ada is not the only one to travel: the two stories (present and past) often intersect with the detailed description of places and places and at the same time it seems to us that we are walking down those streets and identifying ourselves with the flow of the woman’s thoughts. . The Author knows well how to extricate herself in a multifaceted material, which also reveals social implications of great relevance, reaching a definitely unexpected ending and recalling a sort of mise en abîme with the game of mirrors created, which returns rhythm and gives proof of stylistic mastery and fiction. “

The author
Annella Prisco, writer, coordinator and cultural manager, is a literary critic and vice president of the “Michele Prisco” Study Center named after her father, author of several successful novels, winner of the Strega Prize in 1966 with “A spiral of fog” , the centenary of which was celebrated in 2020 by a special national committee.

It is a return after several years that of Ermanno Corsi in Capua.
During his long career as a journalist he was at the “Tempo” (editorial offices of Naples and Rome); Deputy chief reporter, special correspondent and editor of the Third Page at the “Mattino” of Naples (just when the writer Michele Prisco, Annella’s father, was responsible); Correspondent and columnist for the “Giorno” and the “Repubblica”; Opinionist of “Rome” and “Money”; Collaborator of the periodicals “Il Mondo” and “l’Europeo”, of specialized magazines such as “Nord e Sud” founded by Francesco Compagna; Director in charge of “Civiltà del Mediterraneo”, an organ of the inter-university consortium of 11 Italian universities. He has been at the Rai in Naples since 1978 as a host of the news and political tribunes, achieving the appointment of Chief Editor.

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The article is in Italian

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