The first pieces of Ippolita Luzzo in 10 years of Litweb

The first pieces of Ippolita Luzzo in 10 years of Litweb
The first pieces of Ippolita Luzzo in 10 years of Litweb
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Ippolita Luzzo he remembers his life in “pieces”, which he transcribes as irremovable stones of past memories. In “The first piece is never forgotten – 10 years of the Litweb Kingdom”, published by Città del Sole, the writer groups the first of ten years of pieces collected in her blog Litweb: small pieces of a puzzle that is built page after page, memory after memory, reflection after reflection.

The years collected were supposed to be ten, but only one remained.
«I wanted to celebrate ten years of my blog with the publication of the most significant pieces for me. in reality, the idea came from the publishing house, with which I previously published ».

Why the “pieces”?
«I mean the definition“ pieces ”in the journalistic way, in the sense of an article:“ I sent the piece ”, he says in jargon. What I write, however, are fragments of thoughts rather than journalistic pieces. These are not big and long speeches, they are just sheets, a part of a whole. In this sense the piece can also be understood as the piece of the puzzle ».

It is irreverent, yet personal, writing.


«It was born as a personal need, I live in Lamezia Terme, where I have few stimuli. I feel isolated and cannot communicate as I would like. The web gave me the chance. It was my lifeline, my raft on which to find refuge. There I told my feelings, my surprise of living again, and also my confessor. The hardest part is not to get too personal because from being a confessor you risk turning into a confessional. We must show readers a well-kept garden, as Tabucchi said, not expose them to our chaos, only in this way can we involve the reader ».

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What do you think the younger generations can grasp from your book?
«I related to all age groups, even to boys. On the contrary, I have read a lot of the boys at the beginning and I feel their closeness. I have taught and I often go to schools and I feel close to the world of adolescence, it is as if I have never abandoned it. Feeling close to the teenager in me, I feel close to all adolescents. The most complex age, in which life approaches with enthusiasm, but also with a lot of pessimism ».

The article is in Italian

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