Books of Today: a wave of young talents from abroad

Books of Today: a wave of young talents from abroad
Books of Today: a wave of young talents from abroad
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In the early autumn episode of Books of Today, Paolo Di Paolo, the writer, critic, conductor and cultural organizer, who has been accompanying us for weeks to discover new readings, suggests two authors. The first is Ayelet Gundar-Goshenauthor of Where the wolf is hiding (Neri Pozza), the story of a woman who begins to have doubts about her teenage son: she fears that he may be guilty of a horrendous crime. Then the doubts are reversed, but … no spoilers. Gundar-Goshen was born in Israel in 1982 and graduated in Clinical Psychology from Tel Aviv University. The novel is set in the United States.

The second writer recommended by Paolo Di Paolo is the Mexican Kirstin Valdez Quadeauthor de The five wounds (The ship of Theseus). It’s an interesting family saga, Di Paolo explains, because it’s horizontal. But above all because the protagonists, despite the endless troubles and suffering, never cry on each other. On the contrary, they can see the positives in any situation. The novel, then, is also ironic and funny at times.

Valeria Palumbo in turn reports the latest novel by Joshua Cohen, The Netanyahu (the subtitle reads: Where a minor and ultimately negligible episode in the history of an illustrious family is told), winner of the prize Pulitzer 2022 for fiction. Cohen was interviewed by Oggi on issue 39 and in the last days of September he is traveling around Italy for a series of events starting with the Bookpride of Genoa. This and his other novels are published in Italy by Editions code.

Another tip: the new Czech writers of the publishing house Miragesin particular Pavla Horakovaauthor of the hilarious The theory of strangenessAnd Marketa Pilatovawho reconstructed the adventurous story of the creators of the shoe brand Bata, in With Bata in the jungle.

Paolo Di Paolo therefore advises Timeless Proustfrom Alessandro Piperno (Mondadori), in which he tells how he became (and why) a passionate reader. And Valeria Palumbo greets with a classic by Georges Simenon, The Lacroix sistersrecently republished by Adelphi.


Valeria Palumbo

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