Online superstore of pirated movies and books closed

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Whether it is peer to peer or of free making available by a digital intermediary, the result for the Court of Milan does not change: the pirate use online of copyrighted content is illegal, the distributor must be neutralized and the digital shelf emptied.

Investigations started in 2018

The closure of TntVillage with the simultaneous “cleaning” of the platform – which was selling over 230,000 films and 135,000 books to one million users – is the result of a dispute that was opened more than four years ago. TntVillage is the most important Italian file indexing site torrent, founded in 2005 on the wings of the mantra of the time (never completely extinct) of freeing culture from the “anti-historical” constraints of copyright. Over time, the free sharing of TntVillage has occupied all the fields ofentertainmentillegally uploading television shows, films, cartoons, everything that makes the audience in short, and obviously net of the costs incurred by those who produce and those who market the protected titles on the market.

The investigation into the site administrator began in 2018, with several reports from rights holders. The following year, the Italian Publishers Association and the Federation for the Protection of the Audiovisual and Multimedia Content Industries had filed an appeal against the platform, requesting the removal of all content, a request immediately accepted by the Milanese Court. In September of three years ago, however, the administrator of TntVillage announced the closure of the site, leaving access to the download of books, films and other protected content, through a link published on the home page.

Rights holders’ requests acknowledged

The latest ruling not only confirms the obligation to remove illegal content, but once again sanctions the legitimacy of the requests made by the rights holders, with all due respect to the “liberators” of culture.

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“We welcome the decision of the Court of Milan with great satisfaction – said the president to the AIE, Ricardo Franco Levi – a sentence that also marks points of great interest, since it puts the files uploaded by the administrator on an equal footing with those uploaded by platform users ».

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