Mission meets culture: Itl Libri at the Festival

Mission meets culture: Itl Libri at the Festival
Mission meets culture: Itl Libri at the Festival
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Four meetings with the authors and workshops for children are scheduled at the Diocesan Museum to present as many publications on the subject, for adults and children

In the lively setting of the Mission Festival, Itl Libri proposes some moments of dialogue starting from four volumes that explore the theme of the mission from original angles. All the appointments will be held at the Diocesan Museum of Milan (piazza S. Eustorgio 3) and will have free admission.

Thursday 29 September, at 6.30 pm, a dialogue for teachers, educators, parents and emotional coaches starting from the book Cuorfolletto and his friendsdesigned for children between 3 and 7 years and the result of eight years of educational research. Little heart contains ten positive, brightly illustrated and emotionally focused fairy tales. The children present will be able to participate in an educational workshop.

Thursday 29 September, at 9 pm, an in-depth analysis of the innovative experience of 0 km missionary families. The author of the homonymous volume, Gerolamo Fazzini, will be present together with one of the protagonist families who will talk about their daily experience of mission at the service of a community of our diocese.

Saturday 1 October, at 11.15 am, the fairy tales from the world contained in The tales of the beija-flor they will make children and parents travel. It will begin with a round table between the authors Alessia De Falco and Matteo Princivalle and Mariagrazia Zambon, lay missionary of the diocese of Milan, to continue with a moment of play for the children. Those present will be able to experience the game of rings, traditional from Turkey. The rules are very simple, but it will take a bit of luck to complete the challenge. It will be an opportunity to discover that the game unites all the cultures of the world and all the children on earth.


Saturday 1 October, at 2.30 pm, the protagonist will be another illustrated book: The journey of the fennec, fables and traditional games from the countries of the missionaries. After a brief moment of dialogue between the authors Alessia De Falco and Matteo Princivalle and Maria Teresa Antognazza, editorial manager of Itl Libri, the little ones will have the opportunity to experience Ekak, a traditional game of Niger and the southern regions of the Sahara. By playing with the sand as if they were on the edge of the Sahara, children will be able to rediscover the art of having fun with what you have, even if it is only sand and twigs.

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For information on events: itl-libri.com

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