Collarile tells the story of Petti’s ceiling at the Teatro Comunale

Collarile tells the story of Petti’s ceiling at the Teatro Comunale
Collarile tells the story of Petti’s ceiling at the Teatro Comunale
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In view of the inauguration, after years of closure of the Municipal Theater, Mario Collarilewell-known personality of the Samnite cultural world dedicates an intervention to the structure of Corso Garibaldi embellished by the wonderful work of Paolo Petti.

“From Friday, September 16, 2022, after many years of restructuring, the” Vittorio Emmanuele “Municipal Theater of Benevento reopens and the community regains possession of what has been defined” albeit small … a real wedding favor with a harmony of spaces and compositions architectural “.
Whoever enters the Theater and raises his eyes towards the ceiling is captivated by the vision of an endless illusory circular balcony, from which the Pulcinella, suspended in acrobatic flights, and other characters appear, while a curtain is stretched to protect the spectators from a sky restless.
It is the painted ceiling, the ceiling made by Maestro Paolo Petti, a poignant poem by an artist who left us in 2012, too soon, but which deserves to be remembered.
The project for the Communal ceiling was premiered in an evening in the “Salotto Collarile” of the 90s and seeing it realized then appeared to most as a work of magic in the City of Witches. Many, innovative and often extraordinary works created by set designer Paolo Petti for Rai, for the world of theater, for auteur cinema and for art installations and art exhibitions.
Unforgettable is the extraordinary horizontal scenography of Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Fiesta para un gentilombre”, directed by Mariano Rigillo, in the ancient brick factory of Fantozzi, at the Festival of “Benevento Città Sperttacolo”.
Not everyone knows that Mimmo Palladino’s “Mountain of Salt” in Piazza Plebiscito in Naples is his work. In Benevento he collaborated in the construction of Mimmo Palladino’s “Hortus conclusus”.
Those who have acute eyesight may have the sensation or the illusion of seeing Paolo Petti who continues, slyly, to stare at us from the sky of the Municipal Theater of Benevento ”.

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