Dominga Cotarella: “We must transform beauty into work”

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Orvieto – Presented the event dedicated to art, taste and professions related to food and wine – From 24 September to 2 October – PHOTO

by Daniele Camilli

Orvieto – “We must transform beauty into work”. Dominga, Cotarella familyonce a company Falesco. Origins in Tuscia, the company was born in Montefiascone, at the end of the 70s, with the brothers Renzo and Riccardo Cotarella, with the aim of recovering the ancient vines of the area. Today it is one of the most important wineries in the world. On Friday the conference in Orvieto: “Art, culture and food and wine: territory and new professions”. To moderate the meeting, the journalist Bruno Vespa.

Orvieto – The entrepreneur Dominga Cotarella

Sitting on the stage of the captain of the people, together with Dominga Cotarella and Bruno Vespa, there are also the president of the Umbria region, Donatella Tesei, the mayor of the city Roberta Tardani, Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti and Giuseppe Cerasa, director of the Repubblica Guides . Among the audience, also the prefect of Terni Giovanni Bruno and the mayor of Bagnoregio Luca Profili. He also vanerdì also the presentation of the guide of Orvieto and the second edition of “Orvieto city of taste, art and work”. From 24th September to 2nd October. Promoted by the Cotarella foundation together with the “Orvieto Way of life” Consortium, committed to promoting the territory and its food and wine excellences.

Orvieto - The palace of the captain of the people

Orvieto – The palace of the captain of the people

“We have a crazy wealth – said Dominga Cotarella – we just have to enhance it better, starting from the territory. And beauty alone is not necessary. We need to put beauty into the system, making sure that everything that the territory has has the opportunity to express itself and transforming beauty into work. Not surprisingly, for this second edition, we wanted to include the word ‘work’ alongside ‘Orvieto, city of taste and art’.

Orvieto - The conference

Orvieto – The conference “Art, culture and food and wine”

Daughter of Riccardo and Maria Teresa, Dominga Cotarella took her first working steps in Falesco, now the Cotarella family, from adolescence. She graduated in agricultural sciences at the University of Tuscia, she dealt with public relations and marketing in Antinori, then returned to Falesco to cover the position of commercial director.

Orvieto - The conference

Orvieto – The conference “Art, culture and food and wine”

His path winds its way through vineyards and cellars, in which Dominga wine does not do it but tells it, sells it, celebrates it and promotes it all over the world. Together with her Marta and Enrica, cousins ​​on paper but sisters in her heart, with whom she grew up sharing an inheritance.

The program of “Orvieto city of taste, art and work

“We must be protagonists of the territory – added Cotarella – and help it to express its potential and to acquire awareness starting from its history. Translating everything into a modern language ”.

Orvieto - The journalist Bruno Vespa


Orvieto – The journalist Bruno Vespa

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Then “Orvieto city of taste, art and work”. The first appointment is on the agenda for September 24th, olive oil will be the protagonist, with two great starry dinners, on September 26th and 27th. Wine, the leading product of the territory, will enter the scene on the 26th with the round table organized by the Consortium for the protection of wines of Orvieto. In addition, workshops, conferences, the importance of wine in everyday life and a “Walk with taste” through the streets of Orvieto, together with schools and with local products. Finally, on 2 October, an entire day dedicated to eating disorders with the city that will light up with lilac, a color that has represented the fight against eating disorders for more than 30 years. “Orvieto city of taste, art and work” has the support and patronage, among others, of Gal Trasimeno Orvieto, the region, Rai Umbria, the chamber of commerce, the municipality of Orvieto and the consortium of protection of Orvieto wines.

Orvieto - The president of the Umbria region Donatella Tesei

Orvieto – The president of the Umbria region Donatella Tesei

“Today – commented the mayor of Orvieto Roberta Tardani – having a cathedral alone no longer pays. It is necessary to know how to narrate the territory making it competitive and attractive. And this path also includes innovation and comparison with excellence. Not only that, but our reality can only be welcoming if we develop skills through training “. Orvieto, an Etruscan city, is a candidate for the Italian capital of culture. The dossier will be presented by September 13, next week.

“The public – underlined in turn the president of the Umbria region, Donatella Tesei – is the structure that creates the enabling conditions for doing business. Our region has enormous potential that we are trying to bring to light to give heart, legs and head to projects ”.

Orvieto - The mayor Roberta Tardani

Orvieto – The mayor Roberta Tardani

The Cotarella foundation promoted the event of 24 September-2 October, born, as the official website explains, “to support lifestyles, habits, studies and treatments based on a healthy and balanced diet and in tune with nature”. Cotarella Foundation also deals with education, training and professional training activities, exponential workshops, environmental support, cultural and artistic activities, social agriculture and scientific research.

Orvieto - The conference

Orvieto – The conference “Art, culture and food and wine”

Finally, the “Intrecci” high-level training academy based in Castiglione in Teverina, founded by Dominga, Marta and Enrica Cotarella “to invest in young people who show enthusiasm, interest and passion for the world of food and wine”. Intrecci, together with the Luiss business school, have given life to the master in sustainable tourism management. Beginning on 24 October, registrations are open. A path that will alternate with a first classroom phase in Rome at Villa Blanc, specialization courses at the Intrecci campus in Castiglione in Teverina.

“Of the Cotarella family – highlighted Bruno Vespa – I have always been struck by the ability to work as a team, in a country where everyone plays on their own. Always managing to move very far in advance of the others “.

Daniele Camilli

September 11, 2022

The article is in Italian

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