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Biennale Cinema 2022 | Spectators Award – Armani beauty

Biennale Cinema 2022 | Spectators Award – Armani beauty
Biennale Cinema 2022 | Spectators Award – Armani beauty
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Return to International Film Festival of the Venice Biennalefor the section Extra Horizons in his second year, the prize by the spectators to the best moviewith the support of the main sponsor of the exhibition, Armani beauty.

The Spectators Award – Armani beauty will be awarded with a vote to which all spectators of the nine films section Extra Horizonsthat is, who will buy the single ticket, who will be subscribed to the entire section, and all those accredited who have requested a ticket for the films of the section itself, limited to the official screening of each film scheduled in the Sala Giardino at 21.00.

Each spectator with the right to vote will receive an email with an individual link to express their preference. You can cast a vote from 1 to 10. The link can only be used once, after which it will no longer be valid. The viewer who will receive the voting link will have to express their opinion by 8.00 pm on the day following the official screening of the film. In the case of the last film, scheduled for Friday 9 September, the vote must be made by 1.00 pm on Saturday 10 September.

The Spectators Award – Armani beauty will be attributed to the film that has obtained the highest grade average expressed. The delivery will take place during the final award ceremony, Saturday 10 September in the Sala Grande (Palazzo del Cinema, Lido di Venezia).

The section Extra Horizonsincluded in the exhibition starting last year, is configured as a ‘extension of Orizzonti, the competitive section aimed at the new trends in world cinema, which over the years has contributed to making known and launching authors who are now widely established. Less linked to format and duration criteria, Extra Horizons proposes one selection of works without restrictions of genre, duration and destinationprovided they are longer than 60 minutes, with particular attention to films that measure themselves against genres and current production, characterized by intentions of innovation and creative originality in the relationship with the public they are aimed at.

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The projections of the films of Extra Horizons are followed by dating of the public with directors, authors and performersconducted by the writer and author Chiara Tagliaferri.

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