Cribs, authentic works of art – La Voce di Rovigo

Cribs, authentic works of art – La Voce di Rovigo
Cribs, authentic works of art – La Voce di Rovigo
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The cribs of the parishes of Valliera and Bottrighe are the winners of the 22nd competition “Church cribs” promoted by the Pro loco with the patronage of the Municipality of Adria. Since January 2020, the competition has been named after Monsignor Francesco Dal Passo, to whom this admirable sign of Christmas was very dear.

The awards ceremony takes place, as per tradition, in the church whose nativity scene was the winner. This year there are two ex aequos, however “the first was chosen – explains Letizia Guerra, president of the Pro Loco – in agreement with the parish priests as it is the first time that this parish has won first place”.

So the parish priest Don Fabio Finotello did the honors, the deputy mayor Wilma Moda was present for the municipal administration, while Pro loro was represented by the president, together with the deputy Silvia Trevisan. In addition, Alessandro Cannatà and Lucia Tiozzo participated as members of the jury. Carlo Braga, son of Mara Crepaldi, and Monica, daughter of Luigi Stefani, could not miss for the delivery of the special prizes dedicated to their parents. Also present were representatives of the various city parishes and hamlets.

The meeting opened with a song proposed by the parish choir of Valliera, then Letizia Guerra recalled Roberto Naldini, who passed away in recent days, “very attached to this competition so much as to have participated in it as a member of the commission in past years representing the Association”. A memory also for Aldo Guido Varolo who passed away a few months ago, one of the promoters of the initiative. So the president announced that “an initiative will be promoted to remember her commitment”.

The jury was made up of the artists Alessandro Cannatà, Tommaso Lucadamo, Silvia Trevisan and Lucia Tiozzo, secretary of the Franceschetti and Di Cola foundation. “Fully understanding the difficulties faced by the authors of the various Nativity scenes – highlights the Pro Loco president – we want to congratulate everyone because excellent works have been created from an artistic point of view and for the evangelical message they want to launch”.

This is the final classification and the reasons.

First prize ex aequo: the crib of Valliera is distinguished by a good artistic quality setting, effective care of the lighting and sounds that create a very suggestive and engaging atmosphere; the Bottrighe crib is characterized by an arrangement with attention to the smallest details and above all in the perspective.

Second prize to the basilica della Tomba for a traditional, simple and evocative setting.

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Third prize ex-aequo: Mazzorno Sinistro for a layout inspired by the old houses of the village as if to keep the memory alive by creating a link between past and present, therefore for an installation that focuses on the Nativity and which envelops the observer by including him in the representation

The acknowledgment named after Daniele Cattozzo, artist and painter, who had distinguished himself in the art of making cribs and in the restoration of ancient statues, was assigned to the Cathedral for the composition created by assembling several well-made cribs.

The Mara Crepaldi Braga special prize who, as president of the culture consultancy during the year had promoted the establishment of the “Nativity scenes in the Church” competition, together with the then councilor for associations Varolo, went to San Vigilio created by the candidates for confirmation, using various symbolisms.

The Luigi Stefani special prize, former president of the Pro loco, who contributed to the enhancement of traditions including the creation of the crib, was assigned to Fasana who created a traditional composition with significant elements of originality.

At the end, recalls Letizia Guerra, “everyone agreed in launching an appeal so that we can find a way to bring young people closer to this art which, according to the filmmakers, gives emotions and helps them become children again”.

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