Brunivo Buttarelli, Stefano Donzelli and Ludovico Ariosto: a sublime journey

Brunivo Buttarelli, Stefano Donzelli and Ludovico Ariosto: a sublime journey
Brunivo Buttarelli, Stefano Donzelli and Ludovico Ariosto: a sublime journey
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Here Astolfo had double wonder:
that that country nearby was so large,
which resembles a small round
to us who look at it from these bands;
and that it behooves both eyelashes to sharpen,
if then the earth and the sea which spreads around,
discerner wants; that having no light,
l’imagin lor little high leads

He was transiting in orbit in space in search of Brunivo Buttarelli blue… blue, a color he had never tried before. In her wandering she encounters forgotten objects, discarded, thrown into thin air by humans: “Mamma mia, how many!” – thinks Brunivo. We needed a means of transport, the sky is big and the journey is long. It was then that the hippogriff appeared out of nowhere, so Brunivo, like a resurrected Astolfo, decided to ride it. He meets blue, but not only that, once he arrives on the bright moon the debris, the garbage, the objects thrown away to compulsively leave room for others destined for the same end, were piled there in a state of death. Brunivo collects them as if from a landfill and assembles them giving them new life, giving them back meaning. The world hasn’t changed, it’s still a prisoner of struggles, wars and wickedness. Even discord is still there, with her long hair, her captivating and creeping body, a little siren and a little peacock, faceless and empty, without a soul, waiting for yet another Archangel Michael to drag her somewhere to throw men his infamy. And the armigers are still there, the Saracen and the Christian, symbols of useless and unjust battles, one step away from the duel. They have distinctive armor of their belonging and modern orthopedic corsets as evidence of a suffering that seems to never want to end. However, they remain with their backs, they do not turn around to start the duel, they remain there to stop what would otherwise generate blackouts, destruction and the collapse of all humanity. They remain still so as not to be faced with a the day after made of desolation that only invertebrates could survive. This is Brunivo’s artistic journey on display until yesterday at the Diotti Museum, a journey that finds significant links in Ludovico Ariosto’s greatest work, specifically in Astolfo who left for the moon in search of Orlando’s sanity. A sublime work, in collaboration with the Terminal Realism literary movement whose poets narrate the artist’s works in verse and embrace his message. An exhibition that left visitors astonished and which on Saturday 7 January was enriched by the theatrical foray of Stefano Donzelli, who welcomed the public by masterfully reciting the verses of Ludovico Ariosto. The enchantment in front of the gigantic works of Brunivo was amplified by the profound, attentive and I would even say melodious skill, almost like light background music, of Stefano, a young actor full of talent and feeling who periodically gives his country pearls of art think for its people. The music that accompanied him on this fantastic journey was written by Michele Veneziano and Michele Consolini. He graciously approached people like an Astolfo who came from the past, with a set of rusty keys in his hands, keys to understanding a world adrift then and now, explaining, through the poet’s verb, the last effort of the artist. Stefano’s voice becomes music, the precious frame of an author’s painting. Nothing has changed, the discord, the wars, the lust for power but in the epilogue of the armigers who stop before counting the steps preceding the duel, we find hope and the warning to stop useless and age-old battles that are gradually bringing the humanity to destroy itself. An intense moment of art on Saturday 7 January at the Diotti, shared art where sculpture, poetry and theater have forged a container overflowing with beauty and full of food for thought.

Giovanna Antwerp (Photo: Alessandro Osti)

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