Masterpieces of their collections re-emerge from the bankers’ vault –

Masterpieces of their collections re-emerge from the bankers’ vault –
Masterpieces of their collections re-emerge from the bankers’ vault –
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from Francesca Pini

From the Medici to the Rothschilds, collecting has always been a status symbol. In their collections the works of major artists, from Michelangelo, to Caravaggio, to Hayez. At the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan an exhibition traces their passion

There is a nineteenth-century painting by Amos Cassioli, which summarizes in the subject depicted the astral conjunction between the power and the pride of art: Lorenzo the Magnificent shows his collections to Gian Galeazzo Sforza, Duke of Milan. This is one of 120 works obtained by the curators Fernando Mazzocca and Sebastian Schtze for the exhibition Patrons, collectors, philanthropists. From the Medici to the Rothschildsat the Gallerie d’Italia from today to 03/26/23. The abundant flow of money from these bankers served to enhance the work of artists – this was the case of Raphael and his patron Chigi – commission and buy masterpieces (like that one Madonna of the Staircase by Michelangelo, around 1490, or the famous Farnese cup sardonyx agate cameo cup, in the section dedicated to Cosimo and Lorenzo de’ Medici, the largest), and nothing has changed even now, only that money today is also generated in a different way, but it is always needed to buy marvels from the market.

The who who of these bankers

The works in these collections have been dispersed, often found in museums around the worldand the research behind this project brings back valuable works to the exhibition, such as those that belonged to Vincenzo Giustiniani, who Dead Christ, supported by two mourning angels by Veronese from the Staatliche Museen in Berlin (here in partnership with the Gallerie d’Italia) or the Saint Jerome penitent by Caravaggio from the Montserrat Museum. Each banker is presented here in a “medallion” that tells of his personality, among the lesser known, Everhard Jabach portrayed by van Dyck. A painter like Hayez recurs several times in the picture gallery of Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm Wagener, Giovanni Raimondo Torlonia, Enrico Mylius, Ambrogio Uboldo. Among the protagonists of the second half of the 20th century, he was a great enthusiast Raffaele Mattioli, collector of Morandi and Manz (for the purchase of the works of the latter David Rockefeller turned to the Italian banker) and that to ensure Michelangelo’s Piet Rondanini for the Castle’s museums, he launched a public subscription.

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