The young refugee appears in Castel Sant’Angelo. Iago strikes again in the heart

The young refugee appears in Castel Sant’Angelo. Iago strikes again in the heart
The young refugee appears in Castel Sant’Angelo. Iago strikes again in the heart
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Ready for my morning run along the banks of the Tiber I arrived to cross the Ponte degli Angeli and found her lying on the ground in front of Castel Sant’Angelo. “In Flagella Paratus Sum” (I’m ready to the scourge), this is the name of this black marble sculpture, the work of Jago, Jacopo Cardillo, a very talented sculptor from Frosinone, who has brought Italian sculpture back into vogue all over the world, which has conquered all of us with the realistic beauty of his characters, with his technique shared in the lives of his work on social networks.

It is a blow to the heart to see her lying there this morning in a deserted Rome, still asleep, stunned in the grip of heat. You seem to float on the sea of ​​cobblestones, black like the marble of which the sculpture is made, Italian marble from Colonnata which essentially has the same right of citizenship as white marble, a unique species in the collective imagination.
This sculpture is in its third stage of a journey, the same journey that immigrants make. After being in the Mediterranean on the Ocean Vikings ship, of SOS Mediterranee, for over two months the sculpture landed in Italy and was exhibited in the center of the Olympic Stadium until last Thursday.

Now it is here on this bridge that has always been part of the history of Rome, since the emperor Hadrian wanted to build it in 134 AD to join the left bank of the river to his mausoleum. It is not a bridge chosen at random because since the first Jubilee of 1300, wanted by Pope Boniface VIII, every pilgrim who has arrived in Rome has crossed it at least once. So much so that historical facts tell that it collapsed several times due to the weight of too many pilgrims also because it had no reinforcement parapets. It was Pope Clement VII who decided to decorate it with the first two statues of Saints Peter and Paul, who still welcome us today at the beginning of the bridge. But the wonderful 10 angels who watch us, each bearing a symbol of Christ’s passion, arrived in 1669 at the behest of another Pope, Clement IX, who commissioned the greatest contemporary sculpture, Gianlorenzo Bernini, to create them. But the bridge was above all a place of public death sentences, because everyone learned about real atrocities, such as the one suffered on 11 September 1599 by Beatrice Cenci, a Roman noblewoman who was just twenty-two years old and beheaded for parricide.

I approach him and look at him, this marble boy who seems to be sleeping exhausted and I remember another child, Homeless his name, in white marble, with big and closed eyes, with a chain that keeps him nailed to the ground, appeared in the center of piazza del Plebiscito in Naples on November 5, 2020, in full pandemic. The installation, also by Jago, entitled Look Down, was an invitation to look at the ground, at the vulnerable, at the least, at the innocent. This small large sculpture was left by the artist in the desert of the Arab Emirate of Fyujairah and today a road has been created to be able to go and see it. And then I think that the young man in black marble who now lies on the bridge of the Angels in front of my feet started from this road. I climb over it, I walk around it. It is a petrified cry that speaks of immigration, discrimination, of the thousand sufferings of the landless. Once again Iago has recounted his life among the frail, focusing the spotlight on those who have nothing to give him a final redemption through his language, his art. As Caravaggio did through painting and as Fabrizio de Andrè did with his lyrics in music. Telling the last, to sweeten their ending, giving them eternity in the story of art.
I can’t get away, I look at him and try to perceive his breath, he is young and in his regenerating sleep there is all the hope of a new beginning in spite of our distrust and indifference.

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The work will be sold at auction, with a starting point of 1,250 million euros and the proceeds will be donated entirely to the SOS Mediterranee association to continue its mission of aid to refugees.

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