Philip Colbert shows Rome lobsters: contemporary art NFT

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Philip Colbert’s art arrives in Rome in a public art project presented by the Municipality of Rome I Centro in collaboration with Bam srl. One of the most innovative artists of the contemporary scene arrives with an original exhibition in Via Veneto.

Known as the “godson of Andy Warhol“The innovative artist and pioneer of the metaverse, Philip Colbertcomes to Rome. A project by public art presented in collaboration between the Municipality of Rome I Centro and Bam srl and developed by Studio Philip Colbert e Catherine Loewe by title Lobster Empire.

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The work of the Scottish artist (born in 1979) crosses the painting of the masters of history of art, the digitaland the pop art. Her is a taste satirical And provocative which made him famous internationally. Painter, sculptor, fashion and furniture designer, Philip Colbert arrives for the first time in Rome, after having exhibited all over the world in important institutions And galleries.

The innovative and contemporary art of Philip Colbert

Philip Colbert’s works have been exhibited at the Tate Modern in LondonVan Gogh Museum of AmsterdamModern Art Museum of ShanghaiHong Kong Museum of Art, Multimedia Art Museum of Fly. And again the Sejong Gallery of Seoulthe Whitestone Gallery of Taipeithe Saatchi Gallery in London e Los Angeles and the Nichido Gallery of Tokyo. The internationally renowned artist will arrive in Rome with his most iconic character: thelobstera contemporary cartoon protagonist of Surrealism“. Almost considered a alter ego the artist, a business card, a meme.

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In fact, the lobster is there hero central of his most satirical and cheeky works. And it is around this figure that the artist has launched a community project on metaverse: Lobstars. It is a collection of 7,777 NFT lobstersincluding some extremely rare and precious, by purchasing which collectors have also obtained the citizenship of Lobsteropolis Citythe entire city dedicated to lobster, which Colbert founded on the 3D virtual world platform, Decentrentraland. An extremely innovative project that, born in the virtual world, has important repercussions in the real world. The proceeds of this original and modern operation, in fact, were devolved looking for the well-being of sea ​​animalsin line with the latest guidelines from the British government.

The lobsters of Via Veneto

The public art project in Rome will be inaugurated on 6 October 2022 and will last untilJanuary 8, 2023. Twelve iconic works by the Scottish artist will animate Via Vittorio Veneto; symbol, as the note spreading the event makes clear, of the Roman dolce vita. The exhibition is characterized by sculptures of large dimensions and different materials – aluminum, bronze and steel – that refer to famous works of art ‘worn’ by lobsters of the “godson of Andy Warhol“. Among the sculptures works, such as theUrinal from Duchampi Sunflowers from Van Gogh or it Shark from Damien Hirst. “A dialogue, sometimes even annoyingly jarring, with the history of ancient and modern art and with the urban context“.

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Philip Colbert works
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Furthermore, for the first time, the largest sculpture, the King Lobster, six meters high, who greets his followers with the royal crown and raised claws. Philip Colbert’s art is, for the most part, the result of studying with the history of art and the desire to cross art classical and ancient with the symbols of culture from mass. In this sense, a result emerges that can be defined as ‘anachronistic’.

Ancient and contemporary civilization

For example, in the battle and hunting scenes they remember Paolo Uccellohe finds himself in a heroic pose lobster fighting the Minotaur. And as she notes again, this dialogue between past and present comes to life in Rome, the Eternal City, where contemporary life inevitably intersects with ancient civilizations. In this regard, the Councilor for Culture of the First Town Hall Giulia Silvia Ghiacomments: “It is essential to give space tocontemporary art“.

And that is why -goes on – that the Municipio Roma I Centro created the brand Contemporary Rome under which all the contemporary art projects that will be realized in our territory in the space of a year will be collected. Each layer of our Eternal City was contemporary, it was born out of contemporary needs, to be useful to people. For this reason the dialogue between what was in the past and what is in the here I’m it must be carried on. So that the city is not seen only as a monument to be admired, but as a living, useful territory that makes all those who live and cross it feel good“.

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