Camilla Canepa, the 18-year-old from Sestri Levante vaccinated with AstraZeneca, died

Camilla Canepa, the eighteen-year-old from Sestri Levante hospitalized Sunday at San Martino in Genoa after a cavernous sinus thrombosis and operated on to remove the thrombus and reduce intracranial pressure, died. She had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca’s vaccine on May 25 on the open day for over 18s.

“Unfortunately, a few hours ago, Sestri Levante was struck by a mourning that we never wanted to live – says the mayor of Sestri Valentina Ghio -. The municipal administration and the whole city gather around the family of the girl who disappeared today. moment of pain I express all my affection and my closeness to Camilla’s family “.

The young woman was hospitalized at San Martino on June 5 for a thrombosis after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine on May 25 and according to what is hypothesized, perhaps she could have been operated on two days earlier. This is what the public prosecutor Stefano Puppo and the adjunct Francesco Pinto want to verify, who have opened a file without the hypothesis of a crime on the matter: the hypothesized crime would be that of culpable injury prosecutable but only on complaint. The magistrates asked the health management for all the documentation relating to the vaccination process, but also to what happened from the first access to the emergency room, through discharge, and the second hospitalization.

Liguria, a lot of Astrazeneca suspended

June 10, 2021

The girl received the vaccine on May 25 during an Open Day. On June 3 she went to the emergency room for the first time with headache and photophobia. Always at the San Martino in Genoa. She had undergone brain CT scan and neurological examination, both negative, and was discharged with a recommendation to repeat the blood tests after 15 days. On June 5 she returned to the emergency room with motor deficits. Subjected to cerebral CT scan “with hemorrhagic outcome”, she was transferred to the neurosurgery of the hospital where she had undergone two operations. In the Prosecutor’s Office there are four open files for people who have died after vaccination. The first case concerns the 32-year-old teacher Francesca Tuscano who was inoculated with Astra-Zeneca. The latest suspected death is on May 15 and concerns a frail 83-year-old woman who was administered Pfizer. Of the four cases, the coroner Luca Tajana is dealing with the hematologist Franco Piovella.

Meanwhile, the day before yesterday at San Martino a 34-year-old woman from Savona was hospitalized who, while at work in the Tigullio, felt a severe headache and went independently to the emergency room of the polyclinic. The first tests carried out revealed a low level of platelets in the blood. The woman reported being vaccinated in Alassio on May 27 with the first dose of AstraZeneca. According to reports from the San Martino specialists, this patient has also been operated on and is in intensive care.

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