Di Battista very hard against Di Maio: “Pathetic press conference: only careerism”

Di Battista very hard against Di Maio: “Pathetic press conference: only careerism”
Di Battista very hard against Di Maio: “Pathetic press conference: only careerism”

«Di Maio’s press conference? Pathetic ». Alessandro Di Battista does not use friendly and even less conciliatory tones against the former colleague and companion of numerous battles in the M5s, Luigi Di Maio, after the decision of the Foreign Minister to leave the M5s to embark on a new path. «I know him well – continues Di Battista in an interview with Tpi -. Luigi does not believe what he says: he is fighting this battle to keep the prospect of a political career open. The of him and that of some, among those who followed him, who have this priority. Today the spirit of convenience guides him ». The former grillino parliamentarian is not surprised by the foreign minister’s exit from the M5s, on the contrary: “By now I was certain that he would leave the M5s, since he began to apologize for all his choices, to try to rebuild a new one more institutional identity. Obviously, for Di Maio, his career counts more than the ideas he fought for when he led the Movement ». According to the former pasionario of the M5s, the Di Maio positions were “preparatory excuses for the tear, you could see a mile away”. And Di Battista then observes: «Many have followed him, but I also expected this: Luigi has political skills, he has always had a following in the parliamentary group. But this does not mean that the same opinions are representative of those held by the voters ”.

“None of us were elected saying:” I want to be a new Andreotti “”

“Everyone likes the game. None of them, today, wants to abandon their place in the Palazzo “, continues Di Battista, and then focuses on the possible reason for Di Maio’s break with the M5s, that is the question of the second term:” The limit of the second term is a rule that works, as Gianroberto Casaleggio knew well. Institutions cannot become an employment agency, because when this happens, then – as we can see – opportunism arises. None of us were elected saying: “I want to be a new Andreotti”. We entered Parliament saying to those who gave us the strength to do so: “We will serve the Republic without becoming political professionals”. But the former pentastellato specifies: «I don’t dream of saying that whoever stays with Di Maio thinks of an armchair and whoever stays with Conte doesn’t, on the contrary. However, among many of those who follow Luigi there is this anguish of the future that weighs on the decision ».

The conditions for getting closer to the M5s: “They leave the government immediately”

As for the fate of the M5s after the split, the former grillino observes: “I don’t know if the Movement is finished, it could have a chance if it knows how to make uncomfortable, difficult and radical choices, such as those against the current on which it was born”. And finally, Alessandro Di Battista opens up to a possible rapprochement with the M5s. All on one condition, which according to the former grillino is “the only acceptable one for the many disappointed (me first) of these hours: they should leave the government and oppose”. And therefore the former pentastellato accelerates: “The tear should be done immediately, now, before the summer: it cannot be a turning point in the last hour, perhaps just before the vote”. And finally, Di Battista opens up to a possible confrontation with the president of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, “if he leaves the government before the summer, even if sitting down does not mean returning”.

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