Covid, Ema approves the new French Valneva vaccine

Covid, Ema approves the new French Valneva vaccine
Covid, Ema approves the new French Valneva vaccine

Classic method

– The vaccine contains whole particles of the virus, but inactivated, ie killed. In this way it cannot replicate itself, but it can

trigger the immune response

. In doing so, the French company hopes to intercept those people who do not want to vaccinate themselves with an RNA-based product, a molecule present in Moderna and Pfizer. Even the American company Novavax, from which the vaccine takes its name, uses a traditional method, but so far in Europe only 220 thousand doses have been administered out of 12.6 million delivered.

Age limit

– Based on Valneva’s tests, it was not possible to draw conclusions about the ability to generate antibodies in people over 50. As such, the vaccine is currently only recommended for use in people between 18 and 50 years of age.

Negotiation in progress

– Initially the European Commission had purchased 60 million doses for distribution in 27 countries, but a


in the development of Valneva and a greater deepening by the EMA had done


the first contract. Now Brussels is willing to buy only a smaller number of doses. The French company has made it known that too small a supply could be of little advantage, but negotiations will continue in the coming days.

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