“Cops out of gay pride”. The ultimate rainbow discrimination

“Cops out of gay pride”. The ultimate rainbow discrimination
“Cops out of gay pride”. The ultimate rainbow discrimination

Rainbow rights for everyone. Indeed no, not for the “cops“. The discriminatory hypocrisy of anti-discrimination paladins is total, exclusionary. Paradoxical. For policemen there is no place in gay pride: those who wear uniforms and manage public security do not deserve space in the parade of theLGBT pride. So much for inclusion. In the event “against homotransphobia“scheduled for next Saturday – June 25 – in Bologna, homosexual police officers will not be welcome: this was established and communicated by the collective” Rivolta pride “, a network of rainbow associations that organizes the event.

In particular, the LGBTQ association complained about the exclusion from the gay parade in Bologna “Polis Aperta“, which represents some workers of the armed forces and police. There have been real actions against the latter ideological barricades, as can be seen from a press release issued in this regard by the organizers of the event. “Ours is not a stance against Polis Aperta, but an open criticism of the forces of order as an institution, and as a place for the reproduction of sexist violencehomolesbobitransphobic, enabler and racist“, reads the note published on Facebook. Thank goodness the aforementioned acronym would like to contrast diversity, unhinge stereotypes, reject aggressive language.

We believe it is necessary to open a serious reflection on the issue of the police and the armed forces and on the discrimination experienced by our community“, continues the post of” Rivolta pride “, with a further and questionable assessment on the management of public safety:”Safe spaces are made by the frocies that cross them, through self-organization, mutual care and the construction of safer spaces and imaginaries freed from heteropatriarchal violence“. And in another post a similar warning was issued to homosexual police officers:”Those who do the trade of weapons not to show up with uniforms, flags or symbols of the association“An invitation, however, rejected by Polis Aperta, who had already paraded in other parades with identifying T-shirts.

On next Saturday’s rainbow event, which has become a battleground, it has thus arrived the answer of the same policemen enrolled in the aforementioned association. “We were asked not to present ourselves with the association’s logos and banner, but to participate anonymously, as if we had to hide who we are. Heavy words like stonesthat even before hitting the association itself, they hurt the people who are part of it. People, who despite having chosen a job, where the LGBTQ community has not always been welcomed with open arms, have decided to come out in the open to break down mistrust and prejudice“wrote Polis Aperta.

And the controversy was triggered on social media. “Your divisive choice kills the spirit of Pride and embarrasses the entire Italian LGBT community“, complained an activist on the Facebook page of” Rivolta Pride “. For the collective, an embarrassing own goal. But someone favors the exclusionary choice, accusing the police of discriminating against the rainbow community.”You are cops and you remain cops“.

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