EU Council says yes to candidates from Ukraine and Moldova. Biden Promises Another $ 450 Million In Weapons – Direct

EU Council says yes to candidates from Ukraine and Moldova. Biden Promises Another $ 450 Million In Weapons – Direct
EU Council says yes to candidates from Ukraine and Moldova. Biden Promises Another $ 450 Million In Weapons – Direct

23 June 2022


Lavrov: “The West will not let Kiev resume negotiations”

Western powers will not allow theUkraine to return to the negotiating table with the Russia. The Russian Foreign Minister said, Serghei Lavrovin an interview with the national broadcaster of Belarus broadcast today and picked up by Tass. “I don’t see the possibility for them (the Ukrainians, ed) to be allowed to resume negotiations,” Lavrov said. “And I don’t see any possibility for Ukraine to make any proposals. But we won’t make any proposals either. We advanced ours a long time ago. Now the ball is in their field, ”added Vladimir Putin’s minister. Earlier, Tass recalled, the Russian president’s advisor and chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said that Kiev stopped talks with Moscow after a visit to Ukraine by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and US secretary of state. Antony Blinken.

23 June 2022


President of Moldova: “Historic day”

The Moldovan president Maia Sandu greeted Thursday a “historic day”, after the decision of the Twenty-seven to grant the Moldova the status of candidate for the European Union. “This is a historic day for Moldova!” Sandu wrote on Facebook. “We are starting the path towards the EU that will bring prosperity to Moldovans, give more opportunities and guarantee better order in the country,” she said.

23 June 2022


Zelensky to 27: “Today the new EU starts”

Granting Ukraine the status of candidate for accession to the European Union “is the starting point of a new history for Europe”. This was said in the evening by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the 27 gathered at a European summit in Brussels. “Today you have made one of the most important decisions for Ukraine since its independence thirty years ago,” in 1991, Zelensky said in a videoconference speech. “This is the biggest step towards (political) strengthening of Europe,” he said from Kiev.

23 June 2022


Lavrov against Guterres: “Prolong food crisis”

“The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres with his actions he prolongs the food crisis. It does not give the ability to quickly address the grain. It is deplorable ”. This was stated by the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov in an interview with a Belarusian media according to the Russian news agency Tax stressing that Russia is concerned by the slow reaction of the UN to the proposals passed to solve the problem of grain exports. “The slow reaction to a seemingly urgent problem is alarming. I do not rule out that even the United Nations Secretariat is undergoing a strong influence by those who want to carry out an external management of the Organization ”, Lavrov emphasizes. “All the proposals formulated by President Vladimir Putin are put down in black and white and transferred to New York. We did everything we could do, ”Lavrov adds.

23 June 2022


White House: “Russia close to default”

There Russia it is “struggling” to honor its commitments on government bonds and is “close to default”. She said it John Kirby, National Security Council Communications Coordinator, during a briefing at the White House. At the G7 in Germany, Kirby said, President Biden will propose new actions to “isolate Russia from the global economy”

23 June 2022


“Russia aims for a September 11 referendum”

Russia would aim to organize referendums a Kherson it’s at Zaporizhzhia on 11 September with the aim of creating new ‘Republics’. According to reports, Ukrainian intelligence sources support him The Kyiv Independent.

23 June 2022


Podolyak: “Europe united as never before”

“The end of the ‘Russian world’ in Ukraine and the era of the Russian lobby in Europe. Ukraine – official EU candidate, and Europe is united as never before. The difficult path is ahead of us, but the main thing is demonstrated: we are part of the civilized world and we have our separate ways with Russia ”. To state this on twitter is Mykhailo Podolyakthe advisor to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

23 June 2022


EU leader: “More military support for Ukraine’s self-defense”

“L’European Union remains strongly committed to providing further military support to help Ukraine exercise its inherent right of self-defense against Russian aggression and to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty. To this end, the European Council invites the Council to work rapidly on a further increase in military support. ”. This is what is stated in the conclusions of the European Council approved this evening on Ukraine. There is no reference to the European Peace Facility fund in the text.

23 June 2022


EU leader: “Moscow unlock ports”

“There Russia, using food as a weapon in its war against Ukraine, is solely responsible for the global food security crisis it has caused. The European Council urges Russia to immediately stop targeting agricultural structures and unlock the Black Sea, in particular the port of Odessa, in order to allow grain exports and commercial shipping operations. The European Council supports the efforts of the United Nations Secretary General to this end ”. This is what is stated in the conclusions of the European Council on Ukraine approved this evening.

23 June 2022


Macron: “Slow enlargement, it takes time”

“We see a phenomenon of fatigue in some countries due to enlargement, because the path is long and hard. It will take a long time, let’s be honest. Instead we need to work faster to stabilize our neighborhood ”. Emmanuel said so Macron speaking of his proposal for a European political community. “At our border we have Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom and we cannot leave a geopolitical vacuum”, she specified.

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