bivalent vaccine for over 50s – Il Tempo

bivalent vaccine for over 50s – Il Tempo
bivalent vaccine for over 50s – Il Tempo

In seven days, Covid cases in Italy increased by 58.9%. At the base of the surge is the Omicron 5 variant that has displaced any predictions that wanted the virus indicators to go down more and more with the summer. According to the data of the Gimbe Foundation, in the week 15-21 June the infections were 255,442 compared to the 160,751 of the previous survey.

An unexpected wave that overlaps the discussions on the new vaccination campaign that should start between September and October. It all depends on the availability of “bivalent” vaccines, that is, capable of defending against the Wuhan virus and the most recent variants.

The plan will be completed in July, says Repubblica, and the new administration should concern the over 50s. In fact, the Ministry of Health believes that we cannot limit ourselves to the elderly and the frail. The fourth dose will thus be offered to all those over 50 years old. For some it will be the fifth dose.

But that of October will be defined as “a reminder”, explains the newspaper, a choice that is explained by the need to communicate a leap in the vaccination campaign by making administration “an annual fixed appointment, at least for the people most at risk, as happens with the ‘influence”. The booster, or fourth / fifth dose, will be done by the family doctor. But what will these bivalent vaccines be like? According to forecasts, the serum “calibrated” on the virus originating in Wuhan and the Omicron 1 variant will be available in September, products for Omicron 5 may be available only in November.

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