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“Last Friday I asked the Government for a state of emergency, yesterday I claimed it: the head of the Civil Protection told us that the numbers of Piedmont and Lombardy are already in a state of emergency, but that since it is a choral choice the parameters of the other Regions are awaited. But I say: at least partially start with those who, like us, anticipated the times already 7 days ago “. So on the sidelines of an appointment in Turin, the governor of Piedmont Alberto Cirio on the serious water crisis in the area.

Hot alert, Friday red dot in 7 cities

To face the drought alarm on several fronts, infrastructural, regional competences, possible refreshments, “it was decided to establish a coordination with the administrations concerned (Civil Protection, MiPAAF, MiTE, Regional Affairs, MIMS, MEF)”. This is what emerged last night from the meeting at the MiPAAF – a note on Agricultural Policies reports – to take stock of the drought emergency, in the presence of the Minister of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli, the Undersecretary Gian Marco Centinaio, the Head of Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio and of the cabinet heads of MiPAAF and MiTE.

ANSA agency

It has ‘illegally’ increased the water flow for its land (ANSA)

On the declaration of the state of emergency for drought, the “Regions are working on identifying the criteria” and “following the investigations of the Regions, the Civil Protection will prepare a Dpcm to be sent to the Council of Ministers”. This is what emerged from the meeting at MIPAAF last night.

ANSA agency

The situation of the water emergency, region by region (ANSA)

“It will be possible to proclaim a ‘state of exceptional atmospheric adversity'”, as regards the agricultural sector, and again on the proposal of the Regions, “if the damage caused by drought exceeds 30% of gross salable production”.


ANSA agency

These are the first results of a project funded by the European Space Agency, in which Enea and Cnr (ANSA) participate for Italy

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