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Julian Assange, his wife denounces: “They searched him and transferred him to a solitary cell. They are illegal abuses”

Searched for punishment and transferred to a solitary confinement cell. It is the treatment to which he was subjected Julian Assange in recent days, coinciding with the announcement of the signature by Priti PatelUK Minister of the Interior of Boris Johnson, of the decree authorizing the highly contested extradition to the USA. Extradition already approved by UK courts, despite protests from human rights activists, associations for the protection of freedom of information and organizations of the UN. With the extradition to the United States the WikiLeaks founder of risks being sentenced up to 175 years in prison for helping to make public confidential documents that are embarrassing for many governments. Thanks to Assange files relating to crimes of war Americans in Afghanistan or Iraq.

To denounce the treatment to which the Australian journalist was subjected was his wife, the South African lawyer Stella Moris. According to the woman, the employees of the maximum security prison of Belmarsh (in which Assange has been detained for over three years, despite no longer having any pending with the British justice) argued that they must proceed in this way “for his protection”. But in reality they inflicted on him “simply an additional extra judicial punishment“, Committing an abuse that is“ unacceptable and certainly illegal ”. Stella Moris added that in the weekend following Patel’s announcement to the founder of WikiLeaks, any visit was precluded, despite the fact that he still has the right to request the initiation of a final appeal process (within 14 days), before the hypothetical delivery to the Americans. These facts – said John Rees, animator of the ‘Free Assange’ campaign – “show how the authorities react in a vindictive way to pressure. And how we must redouble efforts to stop extraditionfor the good of Julian Assange and in the name of defending the free press ”.

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