Un Posto al Sole 24 June 2022 Advances: Lara makes Marina nervous!

Un Posto al Sole 24 June 2022 Advances: Lara makes Marina nervous!
Un Posto al Sole 24 June 2022 Advances: Lara makes Marina nervous!

The Anticipations of the episode of Un Posto al Sole broadcast on 24 June 2022 on Rai 3 reveal that Martinelli does not give rest to Giordano. In the meantime, Crovi and Graziani junior are ready to try again. Little Poggi, on the other hand, makes Poggi senior worry …

In the’episode from A Place in the Sun from Friday 24 June 2022, Marina back to work with RobertoAnd Lara he hastens to make her understand that, despite this, he will no longer be able to take away the father of the child she carries in her womb! Meanwhile, Riccardo And Rossella finally return to form a couple. Jimmyinstead, he prepares to leave for the holidays with Micaelacausing strong agitation Renato… But let’s find out together what they reveal in detail advances of the bet which will air tomorrow at 20:45 on Rai 3.

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Lara against Marina, in the Previews of the episode of June 24th

Marina and Roberto went back to work side by side. The fact that the two former spouses – between whom there is obviously still some feeling – are once again colleagues, extremely annoys Lara. The latter is expecting a son from the businessman, and she has no intention of letting the manager sweep away her dream of starting a family with him. Like this, the blonde prepares to make Giordano understand that she has now taken her place as the lady of Palazzo Palladini! The blackberry is a bundle of nerves …

Anticipations A Place in the Sun: Riccardo and Rossella get back together!

Rossella she was undecided: to give or not to give another chance to Riccardo? The latter did not leave her much choice: her courtship was tight and, thanks to her determination that she put into it, eventually he managed to get his beloved to agree to try again. Finally it seems that the calm has returned between the two lovers! For Graziani and Crovi it ​​is time to start a new chapter in their life.

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Jimmy leaves and Renato is agitated, in the Previews of the episode of June 24th

Jimmy is leaving! In the end, though Niko Not is much inclined, Micaela she prevailed and, therefore, she and their baby are preparing to pack up to enjoy a holiday together. The lawyerso, he must try to reassure Renatowho he was not and is not at all convinced that this is a good idea… The young man Poggi will he succeed in the enterprise?

A Place in the Sunthe long-lived Neapolitan soap opera, airs from Monday to Friday at 20:45 on Rai 3.

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